The Japan Remilitarization Thread

Facing reality maybe.

The stark policy turnaround comes after Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said in August that Japan would look at developing next-generation reactors, instructing the industry ministry to set up a policy plan to widen use of nuclear energy by the end of this year.

That’s a big jump.

In the financial year to March 2021, nuclear accounted for 3.9% of Japan’s power mix, with the government aiming to boost it to as much as 22% by 2030.


Prior to the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, Japan had generated 30% of its electrical power from nuclear reactors and planned to increase that share to 40%. Nuclear power energy was a national strategic priority in Japan.

Taiwan still driving itself off an energy cliff.

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Their navy is already kick ass.

More on Japan’s return to nuclear power.

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Hmm, Japan taking a bit of a lead on protecting Taiwan.


That’s our fault

Also, I love Japan.

I have too much to say about Japan.

It can’t be contained in one thread.

I like Japan fine but the weebs are so annoying.


Time to talk to the Big Guy.

After this article, I’d say they should talk. Dunno if the author, who teaches in Japan, is a shill or has his thumb on the pulse of the new Japan.

The Japanese people are increasingly fed up with the charade, are increasingly able to see through the dog-and-pony show known as the “Japan-U.S. alliance.” Prime Minister Kishida is opening the money spigots—money Japan doesn’t have—to prop up that farce. It is a rising sum.

But I think it will prove useless in the end. Either the people here will break the spell of the postwar, demand real security, and decide to defend their country by themselves, or the CCP will hit us first and all hell will break loose. One way or the other, a reckoning comes in post-postwar Japan. No budget in the world can prepare this country for that.


This isn’t surprising really, given the Japanese submarine capability.

The ships of the two countries, with the support of anti-submarine aviation, jointly searched for a submarine of a conditional enemy and fired a volley of jet depth charges,” Russia’s defense ministry said, according to Reuters.

Who’s the blame for the buildup? Guess.

And this is a nice piece about China’s recent fish killing wars game with the dreaded Rooshins.

Why all the hubbub? Imma go with this:

Japan’s new National Security Strategy has called for new missile systems – including U.S.-made Tomahawks – to be deployed on the islands in the region. From those locations, Japan’s Self-Defense Forces could be able to strike targets in North Korea as well as mainland China.

ONe more and I’m crawling out of that rabbit hole. lol

Using the great training areas both on the ground and in the waters off the coast of southern California, planners for Steel Knight 23 tried their best to challenge the military to fight over vast distances against a near-peer adversary with a heavy focus on sea denial missions.

Something tells me China’s fancy new boats will be turned around by the Coast Guard, and if that doesn’t work, well…

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More on the Tomahawks.

The hawkish view on Japan’s rearming: Do more.

YOu gotta have friends to build a great nautical wall.

In short, the allies are harnessing their own advantages. One hopes their nautical Great Wall proves so forbidding that it deters China from trying to breach it. If so we will never learn who wins when home team meets home team on the field of battle.

And not knowing will be fine.

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