The Joker and Gary Glitter music

I’m about to watch the Joker , do I tell my family who was Gary Glitter or just let them enjoy that song in the movie? I heard many have boycotted the movie in UK because of that song. I’ve decided to go anyway. Opinions ?

My advice is to always tell the truth . In this case the background to the music may not come up . History is history … good and bad . Most of these people have been stopped . Perhaps a lesson in why children need to be aware and vigilant? . Your decision old man .

Up the Gary Glitter was sadly his MO.

I can’t see how he won’t get royalties. He co-wrote it, so he should get half from any sales. It’s the makers of the movie’s decision if they put it onto a movie soundtrack album, isn’t it?

For “Joker,” much of the criticism is centered on assumptions that Glitter was personally profiting from its use in the film, but Glitter sold away all his rights to the recording and publishing of “Rock and Roll Part 2,” co-written by the late Mike Leander, as well as his other songs more than two decades ago, according to Snapper Music, the London-based label that now owns Glitter’s master recordings.

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Shame the Clinton’s are not managing him .


But this means that someone who gave Paul Gadd money for the song will benefit financially even more from the pedo’s output.

Thinking about it, KLF made a fortune off the song. It is a catchy track. I don’t think Gadd had much input into it.

If that bothers you. What’s done is done I’d say. They bought it before the news broke apparently.


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It’s ok if it’s the KLF

Hold on , Gary Glitter aside, isn’t that an American squad car in the English country side ? Pretty funny:rofl:

Driven by Scots.

EDIT: One of them was English. Cheshire, though, so not really.

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Anyone seen this ?

See the movie. I don’t know why too many people can’t separate an idea, thought, philosophy, etc. from the person. For example, a murderer can have a good or useful idea; just because the person is bad doesn’t mean that everything they produced becomes bad.

Dam that movie was boring. Worst joker movie I’ve seen in my life it ended up more like V for vendetta except more boring.
But yeah I agree with you.

Yeah, it drag on quite a bit then got interesting when he was dancing on the stairs and when he appeared on the talk show.

Yeah agree, the whole audience was getting bored but from the stair dancing point it got better. Way too slow to pick up.

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The song match with the movie and the uniqueness and oddity of the song was a grand pull from music history.