The Jordan Peterson Thread

It’s not particularly specific, but thanks anyway.

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A load of bigots at the Guardian call someone a bigot.
People at a publishing company cry when someone they perceive as some monster or whatever term they use today is. Meanwhile Hitler’s book is no problem for them. He did burn books though…

i’ve never been good with irony, but:

lol. no. what you said i said was not what i was saying.

i don’t think you have a clear understanding of what i disagree with. to be clear, i think that suppression of books because of disagreement with the politics of their content is pretty much the definition of censorship. it would also be censorship for the publisher to fire any employees with a dissenting view.

i just don’t think the employees have much of a case here, in terms of grounding their complaint or expecting their employer to act to their satisfaction. and i don’t agree with your characterization of their behaviour as simply expressing concern (this was probably my main point, originally).

also, for the record, i wouldn’t consider myself a fan of JP in general. but i disagree with what i see as illogical, negative, and unproductive knee jerk reactions based on loose associations.

let us try to be clearer with what we are saying, and assume a little more good faith on the part of our interlocutor. i think JP would agree, i hope that doesn’t prevent you from doing so as well!

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And I didn’t call JP far-right.

Are you mistaking me with another poster?


Help me out here.

E posts an article critical of JP. You respond with JP is not far-right. I suggest that comment is a strawman (which to me makes it funny, coming right after someone else said the criticism of JP was a strawman).

The article didn’t call him far-right. I didn’t call him far-right. No-one in this entire thread has called him far-right, if our own internal search engine is correct.

Andrew mentioned ~650 posts ago that JP has been smeared as far-right, which he probably has been at some point by someone somewhere, though not here. The only other instances of the phrase in this 700+ post thread are a passage I quoted ~150 posts ago from an article about Cultural Marxism, and now E asking if you want to address the specifics of the far-right question… which you brought up, though it’s not clear why.

(ETA: or does “conservative” qualify as far-right these days?)

What, Random House?

I wonder which publication would come up if one were to google “Is Jordan Peterson far right?”

I think you are stretching it a bit to pull me up over my use of the phrase far right. Nothing I posted was in relation to you, you chose to make it about you.

It seems to be a trend. As was pointed out above though, they have the right. The publishers seemed willing to hear them out. I agree crying over it and other exaggerated concerns (“JP radicalized my dad!”) are silly, but it probably wasn’t all like that, if I had to guess. The publisher seems to have done the right thing in continuing to publish the book, given the claims here are trivial or even poorly founded as has been pointed out in a couple of cases, and JP isn’t some kind of evil bigot (not to say I agree with him about anything in particular or love him either). Spotify had this recently as well, so maybe companies are realizing complaints such as this aren’t something that absolutely have to bend to. I guess we’ll see if people leave their jobs, business suffers, etc. I wouldn’t have bought one of their books in the future if they canned JP just to appease their employees.


You got that from

After all, he has suggested that gay marriage might be a plot by cultural Marxists

and nothing else. The linked twitter thread does go further, saying he outright opposes GM, but the original article merely calls it a suggestion.

And if you want to split hairs about what JP says in the video (fourth one in the thread), here it is:

A reasonable reading of that is, he doesn’t follow Australian politics but finds the characterization perfectly credible and acceptable and has no reason to disagree with the stance, because he associates gay marriage with CM and specifically the “assault on traditional modes of being”. He doesn’t say it outright, but he doesn’t need to in order to – as the Guardian article put it – suggest that gay marriage is a CM plot.

Also, if you think about it, the way you summed up his view on the issue

boils down to X is good, unless my least best friend also thinks it’s good, 'cause then it must be bad. How childish is that?

If @BiggusDickus says “far right my arse” for whatever reason, and @eCanada answers by saying “Care to address any of the specifics?”, he at least doesn’t seem to be taking issue with this characterization.

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I can understand why people would be upset if it was like a neo nazi ideological book. But it’s a freakin self help book probably telling people things like clean your room and take responsibility like his last book.

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On the other hand, if Hitler wrote a self-help book, I would understand objecting to publishing it.

No. It’s “X” is good, unless people are exploiting “x” for a purpose that is bad and not good for the people “x” is suppose to help.

But Civis Bigge, I didn’t say it was about me until you said you didn’t accuse me of making strawman arguments.

Whatever. It’s hard to hear sometimes with so many people talking at once.

That would be interesting book :upside_down_face:

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So, if straight marriage were illegal, and people wanted to legalize it, but some radical group you didn’t like supported the legalization because they thought it could further their evil agenda, it would be worth keeping it illegal? :thinking:

It would depend on what their agenda would be.

If there was no laws on it, I would be against straight marriage being legal, for the reason that the government shouldn’t have anything to do with marriage and my deepest personal relationships.

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I understand now that when you posted something along the lines of “Look who’s the strawman now” you were referring to another poster. It read to me like you were complaining that I had accused you of making strawman arguments and I didn’t understand why you would do that.


Now who’s doing strawmen?