The Jordan Peterson Thread


The OT (or NT!) “story” or his concept of the importance of this particular “story” in its own right. I use the quotes because he uses that term constantly, usually before he goes off about Jung :slight_smile:


Don’t mess with the one that Jung ya.


This dude should be given the Order of Canada. He goes against leftist groupthink, political correctness, and feel-good pablum. Keep on Truckin Jordan!!!


Here’s a good example of reading what you want into things (34:30, direct link)

That’s one way to read the “story”, here’s another. Cain is breaking his back for nothing more than to feed his family, and doing a pretty good job of it. God winds him up with some outrageous bullshit and he’s driven into a murderous rage. Fun stuff for the kiddies


Psst, you know it’s allegorical, right?


Sorry? I didn’t think it was real :slight_smile: Allegorical or not, it’s still disgusting.


God messes with Job as well. I think these OT tales are why they rebooted the franchise.


Yeah big chunks of it are not exactly viable. I should probably read more though. I got stuck in Exodus with the temple instructions last try :slight_smile:


Seen a few of his videos, but I love Ben and Milo more.


I am probably gonna get skewered for saying this but here we go.

JBP’s self help stuff really works, he has influenced a lot of people, and for that he deserves FULL CREDIT.


Don’t you think this ‘intellectual dark web’ crowd is a bunch of whingy blowhards at the end of the day?

The bulk of their material is focused around three of four issues on the far left and they spend countless hours making these issues seem societal threatening and dangerous, when in reality they will never work outside the walls of the social sciences wing of academia because 95% of the population thinks they are ridiculous anyways.

In short, they get their collective panties crumpled over nonsense like Gender pronouns (which they all claim to adhere by when asked to), identity politics and Sharia Law(not JBP’s bag but some of his cohorts). Lots of bad in those, but not a threat to our way of life, yet they profit A LOT from scaring everyone in to thinking it is important.

Look at Sam Harris, he took a sober view of Judge Kavanaugh and was skewered.

Lemmings of a different stripe, another lot of conforming non-conformists whose postions are predictable 99.9% of the time.


Just caught part of a full sit-down audience participation with him on FOX news.


I’d say not. Many people care about the issues they’re talking about, as shown by the amount of people who watch them live and on the internet. Peterson and Shapiro seem to be making a nice living off what they’re doing, some other guys get a lot of attention too and presumably something out of it, and they’ll never go near academia in the future. You even state yourself they profit a lot which is contradictory. Sam Harris gets skewered all the time, what’s your point there? I’ll agree with you that they’re predictable though. But the battle lines have been drawn.


These are important issues to many people. For example, women will be impacted by the inclusion of transwomen into spaces traditionally reserved for women. Women who oppose the idea that transwomen are 100% women are often, pejoratively, labelled TERFs and there are already several occasions when they have been physically assaulted by transwomen. Sportswomen, in athletics and golf, are already losing income because they cannot beat transgender competitors.

Also, the argument that these issues aren’t important to 95% also applies in reverse. Transgender is an issue that affects a tiny percentage of the population so why don’t we just ignore it? Of course we shouldn’t because we should care about the rights of transgender people.


Tend to agree, but in the US I think it’s more accurate to say that we Americans value - we baked into our constitution - not flattening the minority just because democracy.

So in the US about half the population does not support extra civil rights for transgender people, but at the same time we don’t want them hurt and we want them, as Americans, to enjoy fully the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. It’s a matter of changing hearts rather than establishing new laws, however. More government is not the solution.

This is the real problem with identity politics in the US, setting up classes of Americans who enjoy extra civil rights. So I disagree with @Taiwan_Netizen: to the extent that identity politics seeks to establish new, exclusive civil rights by identity, then does real and lasting harm to the US.


This is where it gets complicated because transwomen (and I’m ignoring transmen here) aren’t asking for extra civil rights. They are asking, well in reality demanding, already existing rights that women have. This, of course, has impacts on the few rights women who were assigned female at birth already have.


Def gets complicated.

I don’t see how today’s XYs can successfully demand - overnight - the same rights as XX, given human history and physiology, without a change to existing laws protecting women’s civil rights. Will likely be very difficult for the next generation, too.


Interesting talk focused more on religious topics, starts getting interesting around 34:00 IMO



I think this is extremely naive.

The issues that they talk about are, in fact, threatening and dangerous. There are anti-hate speech laws throughtout most of Europe and Canada. People are getting fired for not engaging in group think of far-leftist ideology all the time. James Damore is just the highest profile example of this. There are a lot of others that don’t get any coverage in the media.

I like Sam Harris. His take on Kavanaugh was ridiculous…and was rightly criticized.


I wish Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin all the best in their new endeavor.