The Jordan Peterson Thread


Pretty sure he didn’t.


Anyone can have an online agent these days. You just need to agree to a 10% commission, sign away your right to sue :face_with_raised_eyebrow: and not participate in certain political activities. Voila, JP’s agent:


Many students and faculty at The University of Toronto wanted him gone after students and faculty sited he was violating transphobic and other policies in an open letter. And at the time he was fighting bill c-16 publicly. He was also protested against often and in some videos people damn right harassed him on campus coming up to him asking him stupid questions. I think that was the nice way of say he left to avoid possible termination and just was sick of everything going there.


It’s very difficult to get rid of a tenured professor. It seems more likely that he’s making so much money now that he can’t be bothered teaching the whiners anymore.

They might be able to get him on personal conduct.


Yes, and I believed that’s why he managed to keep his job during this. But he become really controversial and there was constant pressure of calling on him to be fired. And constant protest of him on campus probably wasn’t fun.


Yep. He’s raking it in, and he’s on a mission.


I remember the footage of him surrounded by students giving him a bollocking. One of them complained that he didn’t remember her name because she is black. Can’t seem to find it on YouTube.


I’m surprised JP (with his fondness for finding deep meaning in cartoons) hasn’t discussed this one:


I’m amazed by the clear IQ gap of JP and the people allowed to interview him. There are Sam Harris’s and there are some real morons.


“I don’t particularly care about what people feel about facts.” :grin:

(about 7:05 into the Martin Weill video)

Despite their idiocy, I do have faith that modern libs will someday make a return to sanity. Of course it will be a “triumphant” return, one that the left will trumpet as a return to sanity they made in spite of clear thinkers like Peterson - we’ll all suffer their nonsense - but I’ll take it if they can just find their way back to rationality.

A guy can hope.


It’s amazing to see him put out facts known to him well as a clinical psychologists and in neuroscience/chemistry and they just can’t accept these facts.


Politics aside I must be the only person here who doesn’t think much of this guy as an academic.

The only things he says that make sense already made sense to any perceptive human being long before he ever said them. Otherwise he keeps things pretty vague, too vague to pin down or vague enough to spin to his or anyone else’s liking. And his writing reads like an undergrad severely bullshitting an essay at 4AM after chewing up a bunch of adderall.

The most impressive thing he does is figure out ways to make even the simplest concept sound complicated.


Not to people these days.

He does go deeper in lectures you can find. But these interviews are not lectures and not meant to be “academic” so to say

Give me one example of vagueness?

I find your argument against him to be vague…like you just want to disagree but can’t formulate anything.


I think you put the academy on a pedestal that is undeserved, then.

I also think it’s more impressive that he’s pulling in >US$280,000/month just by defending things “that already made sense to any perceptive human being long before he said them.” Why do you suppose that is?


You’re not alone but it’s not worth the drama that it brings up. Check the response you got for a case study in what happens when you fail to see the brilliance of the honorable Dr. Jordan Peterson.


I thought that he just regurgitates the obvious. That’s brilliance?


People on this forum value well thought out opinions, not vague statements of other people’s vagueness.


No… no it’s not?


I really don’t have the time or energy to sift through his gibberish and pull specific quotes, mostly because so many of them are upwards of 200 words long. It just makes me think of this article.

Suffice it to say I haven’t been impressed or struck by anything he’s said. IMO he’s just dealing in verbosity.


Most of what he does is tell people to be better and improve.