The Jordan Peterson Thread

This is the “naturalistic fallacy”, and Peterson doesn’t use it. He’s not that daft.

I was talking about JP with another guy who also think the stuff JP says is very basic. And it’s true for at least his life advice. But the thing is, many men need to hear them. A lot of men didn’t grow up with fathers and these basic things he says like cleaning your room helps get their life on track. I don’t see the problem with that if it helps people. Single parent homes are on the rise in the US with all racial demographics. I credit some of his advice with my own recent success and motivation in school and business.

I went from a average student just getting by with Bs to going back and finishing my undergrad with a 4.0 (highest in the US) and I’m on track to graduate with distinction (highest in the UK) at a top 5 finance program in the UK. I think some people just need a bit of guidance in life and it makes a world of difference.


Actually, yes, he does. And, yes, he is.
When he tells people- men, actually- to stand up straight and throw their chests out like lobsters, that’s exactly what he is doing.

Yeah, read the book. That absolutely isn’t what he’s saying.

It’s possible, of course, that you’ve failed to follow his train of thought. And to be fair he does ramble on a lot. The TL;DR version is that mind and body are intertwined; one influences the other in subtle ways. Stoop and hunch and slouch in a submissive pose all the time, and you’ll feel submissive. Stand up straight and you won’t. Nowhere does he suggest that natural=good.

It’s similar to the “smile and you’ll feel happier” thing. It’s not entirely baseless.

Indeed. It’s worth noting that a whole generation have grown up with absent parents, raised instead via “quality childcare”. The consequences were entirely predictable (at least to anyone who has read Harlow et al). JP, to them, is a sort of surrogate parent. To anyone who actually had parents, perhaps his advice is obvious.

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Can you point out where he does this?


What (if anything) is the difference between putting your shoulders back and throwing your chest out? :ponder:

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:left_speech_bubble: Strong people make as many mistakes as weak people. Difference is that strong people admit their mistakes, laugh at them, learn from them. That is how they become strong. — Richard Needham


Oh yeah, we went over this and he didn’t say that. There’s a full stop there. Thank you.

@discobot understands hierarchies. Do robots have serotonin, @discobot fortune

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:crystal_ball: It is decidedly so

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He’s saying more than it’s a simple example or analog, but not that there’s some kind of direct evolutionary link, I guess. It’s fuzzy. “The damn neurochemistry is the same”

Sorry, you mean he didn’t say the chests out thing, or he didn’t say the shoulders back thing?

I would hate to think I’m spreading fake news! :hushed:

I mean he didn’t say like a lobster

Technically he didn’t, but I don’t think the juxtaposition was accidental. He must have known people would read it that way.

i don’t know

Deleted. Was thinking of the wrong person.

I first saw the name Jordan Peterson on this thread. Funny that people are still talking gender, lobsters, and where full stops are. I suppose most people take away from something what they took into it.

Who on earth were you thinking of? Just curious.

Peter, Jordan’s son. Sucks at basketball and below average at baseball, but is a bedrock of religious beliefs.

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I was on IG and I saw JPs post about something and I scrolled to the next post about someone who tested positive without realizing.

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