The Jordan Peterson Thread

While we’re at it, I’m not sure if suffering from akathisia for prescribed medicine is equivalent to being a screwed up drug addict.


That’s not exactly how he achieved fame, the assumption by far leftists that he was a bigot helped him become globally famous, but he had a regular segment on TVO for years before that. Your ignorance here, and your lack of compassion, do not do you credit.

I don’t know the details of JPs drug habit, but I do recall seeing this in the news lately, so I just hope everyone is being careful to have consistent opinions…

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I’m not sure if suffering from akathisia for prescribed medicine is equivalent to having a drug habit.

I’m going to think about that while I put on the coffee, get the sugar ready, and have a smoke.


I’ll drink to that.


JP has a new self-help book out. A (mostly favourable) review:

Ignore the subhead, which is typical Guardian moaning

Seems like a fair review, not that I have read anything by JP nor do I plan to read this book. Here’s my favourite paragraph:

Still better than Robin DiAngelo (who I’ve actually read skimmed), though thankfully one need not choose between the two!

Also, brace yourself, Jordan Peterson articles are coming


I was going to say perhaps the lack of sense of humor in public is due to the constant attacks he gets. But his lectures of before he became famous was about the same. Maybe he’s a bit more easy going in his personal life, but it’s a solid criticism of him that I can agree to.

Steven Pinker (who has critics, but I have enjoyed his books as a linguist, the Blank Slate is most relevant to this thread), Richard Dawkins (Selfish Gene), and Daniel Kahneman (Thinking Fast and Slow) are academics who wrote funny books on interesting topics; these I have read and would recommend

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