The Jordan Peterson Thread


It is partly in response to incels.
He says “If all the women are rejecting you, it’s not all the women who have the problem” Speaking about incels

He says people like incels “incompetent men” who aren’t attractive because they aren’t competent should become more competent and better themselves.

He also says this is however only good if the society is monogamous.

Also, we know from multiple studies monogamous societies are less violent and more stable. Which he also states.

I honestly don’t get whats wrong.


I never said I was offended.

For the record, I’m not trying to convince anybody. I genuinely do not care if you guys love him to bits or if you don’t understand why I’m not a fan. I just wanted to say it was okay for Hannah to have a different opinion because people jumped on her right away.

You may come out of Joe Rogen’s video still thinking he’s fine, just dandy. There’s no problem with the discussion they’re having. I just don’t agree with him nor his views on it. Because beyond the very general anthropological theory he’s discussing, he’s making his views on it quite clear.


What is his view?

Monogamy is good…do you disagree?


Like I said, I don’t care.


Enough to comment but not actually point out what you disagree…



Nobody “jumped on” @hanna149. This is the Open Forum, right? A place for open discussion of ideas, including those of @hanna149?!

Ok, but why do you disagree with him or his views on it? What is your problem with what Peterson says?


And she expressed said opinion. Andrew’s immediate response was “he’s not vague, you’re vague! You can’t formulate nothing!”

He’s vague.


And they say irony’s dead. :laughing:


If you’re going to quote actually use a quote. She is being vague. I asked her what in particular she finds him to be vague on like what in particular you find stupid about his idea…

responding is jumping on someone now lol. What a joke. Stop jumping on me!!!

but like her, neither can formulate anything…


You really need to some save hannah? I believe she can speak for herself.


No bullet points for me?

Can someone at least define what his concept of “enforced monogamy” is? Speaking for the societies I know of, they are largely monogamous…only a very small and strange subset of people actually live in polygamist arrangements.

Is he just taking issue with the notion that some people can freely have sex with almost anyone they choose, but certain people have less success getting laid? What is he against? Is he anti-casual dating and casual sex? Anti-adultery? Anti-polyamory?

To be fair @gaboman I don’t really feel jumped on because I knew what I was walking into, but I appreciate the support.

I asked people to formulate some bullet points for me but so far I ain’t got nun.


Ha, fair enough. Then I apologize, Andrew.


The burden of proof is entirely on you for making the claim he is being vague and not much of an academic. It’s not my job to lay out bullet points for you to argue. You have to actually say something to explain what your claim is.

And I did sum up what his views on monogamy is.


No no, I’m not looking for argument points. I mean like, what does he believe? Could you give me a summary?


In the Rogan clip that you apparently can’t bring yourself to watch, Peterson says that the source of the enforcement is society itself. His only point is that polyamory is bad for children. He says that if children aren’t involved then there may be no actual harm to society.

He also points out that polyamorous societies are more violent than monogamous societies, based on the historic record (no elaboration by him on that record).


I want that too! I’m on the second video and they are talking about incels, which I had to look up again, looked it up once before. men who are involuntary celibate. Couldn’t figure out for the life of me why the topic of “enforced monogamy” came up and then talking about celibate men. By definition, celibate men aren’t in any kind of sexual relationship.


This is what I mean by vague and spinnable every which way. Everyone seems to have a different take on it. Does Peterson have a definition for his own phrase?


You should better yourself. Strive to be the strongest most emotionally stable person at a funeral as he puts it. There are differences on average between men and women, although statistically small, on a large scale it produces huge differences like choices. The patriarchy is not true, western culture has flourished because it’s based on competence and not power. Identity politics is bad. Marxism is a bad ideology, and the neo marxist are keeping it alive with identity politics. Free speech is a fundamental idea of western culture.


Why not do a little of your own lifting?

Watch or read him, and come back to us with your specific objection(s). That will ensure we’re all on the same page, no?


Eh, it was more about her knowing that she’s not the only one who’s not a fan.

Involuntarily Celibate, though, right? ie. they just can’t get women. Enforced monogamy is the answer to that. Though they say it’s enforced through cultural values (which I assume just means slut shaming).

Also, clean your room and wash your penis. Those are some of the good ones, to be honest.


He has quoted studies before.

Its not the first study by social scientists and anthropologists to say this.

And we do already have a way of enforced monogamy…what do people think marriage is? Alimony is?