The Jordan Peterson Thread


Why would you assume that? Why not do some actual checking instead?


I’m perfectly ok with you not being a fan. But we aren’t jiving on a discussion because in my perspective you refuse to actually go into what you disagree with one particular idea you do find stupid. I’m not daft to think JP is the pope with some sort of divine infallibility. He can very well be wrong, he has admitted to be being wrong before. I just don’t know what you object to.


But our society at large is monogamous, or at least it tries to be, isn’t it? Cheaters kind of ruin that for everyone.

Most of this is really not profound, and I think a couple of those things aren’t really suited to the realm of psychology. Maybe that’s my issue with it. Is he using a psychological frame for something better suited to philosophy?

When I read what he writes I get flashbacks to working in the writing center for my college and trying to make sense of something a smart but absolutely fried undergrad wrote in the midst of a mental breakdown.


[strikethrough]That is Peterson’s point.[/strikethrough] That is a point that Peterson makes.

I’ve never read his work, I just watch him on yt. So far no pain. You could try it.


Sorry, by “assume” I meant that’s 100% a tool that an incel would use to enforce monogamy.

Is it? Is it, really?


It is a point he makes. Really.


This is hardly news. There’s a very large and very vocal group of people who absolutely detest Peterson.


But shouldn’t his writing be the best source for his ideology…the most concrete way of pinning it down and delivering it to the public…

I dunno. It’s all just setting off bullshit alarms for me. If I want to hear some hot takes in a funny voice I’d rather listen to Zizek talk.


But with no reason, it seems, other than he’s “vague.”


He is a clinical psychologist. Some of his talks are about self improvement for people. Why do you think people watch him and read his books if encouraging them is not worth it? Young men are not being encouraged these days. High suicide rates, high depression rates, dropping out of school, high drug and alcohol addiction.

If you have to watch something watch this. Skip to 6min if you can’t watch the whole thing.

Things don’t have to be new and unknown to be profound. Why do you think stories like lion king is a classic? Is it not predictable? Do you not know and relate already? Don’t you like it?


Right, but on forumosa?

I mean, you want to trigger people, call him vague and see what happens. Jesus.


Hey I don’t detest Peterson. I’m just not convinced he’s got anything noteworthy to say.


Call him vague without what he is actually vague on… big big difference.


I guess this is kind of ironic, because one of his maxims is “Be precise in your speech.”


Wipe your butt after you poop.


Hmm, this seems a little controversial, and could be triggering for babies.


He does say a lot of what he says is not new. But ideas we all know that seems deep rooted and ingrained are powerful and profound. Think about the lion king, don’t you pretty much know the entire story before you see it. Don’t you know what character is what right away. Yet we love it.


I got that watching the first video. “If all the women don’t like you, then the problem isn’t with the women”. No shit Sherlock. Wouldn’t call that vague, he may be in other places, that’s more like master of the bleeding obvious. Follow up “clean your room, remember to take a shower and don’t dress like a bum”.


To you and I, these are common sense. But you know how common common sense these days is right?

He speaks to incels who are pretty large group of men. He tells them they way they think is wrong, it’s not really profound for us, but for a person who is an incel and buys into the ideology, it’s kind of a big deal.


I have a hunch that most people who object to Peterson feel the same way. I also think they harbor a vague worry that if they actually do go and check out what he says, they might have to eat a little crow. Nobody likes crow, after all.