The K-man's finest hour(s)


Ah good question. Ask Keoni. I just put up the link to the “news” piece.

The news says buxomi Western woman. Yeah, in the pics she does not look too Western. Or is it only Western women have a buxom? That is racist towards Taiwanese women!

In all seriousness, they have identified the lady in question:

Other netizens discovered that the Google user who posted the video has posted many similar videos on their YouTube account leading to them to declare her to be an “experienced driver.”

EDIT 2:地圖藏謎片-正妹挑逗露點-網朝聖-快上車-013340220.html

Guys, Hsinhai is right, in Chinese it does not say it is a foreign woman. Mmm.

Ther eis another article that is NSFW - can’t open it here, but from what I can see, it seems it could be a foreign women… if it is the same woman. MMm Curioser.


Maybe it’s another one of those 混血美女 the locals love to slobber over?


Yeah, I didn’t mean to criticize you. The question however is whether “journalist” Keoni and the rag he works at aren’t already beyond salvation.


I don’t know. He’s earning a living. Obviously he’s no investigative journalist, but lots of people earn a living with the bar set equally low in other professions. The only problem I have is when his Facebook trawling fires up racial and xenophobic hatred.


He must be trolling. It is the only logical explanation.


They wrote his name as “Brain” in the video, maybe some kind of subliminal message…


Reminds me of the old China News days. I forget the editor guy’s name then, Brian something? He was always around DV8. They wrote a particularly gushing review of a local foreign-oriented restaurant. It bothered me so much I faxed! them a letter complaining about their standards and sarcastically suggesting they had forgotten to pursue the “grilled to perfection” angle. When I read the next week’s review, I soon saw that they had included this exact wording. I faxed them a laudatory letter in response. That’s the most epic trolling I’ve seen until this day I think.


Does that refer to the story about whities being a bit too raw, black people being burnt and yellow people having being in the oven for the correct amount of time?


Sure he earns a living. So did Uncle Tom.


Slaves got paid?


In K-man’s defense, this one isn’t his.


He has busts of Ed Said and Bruce Lee on his bookshelf.


Brian Kennedy. One of two Brian Kennedy’s who were prominent at the the time. One was head of the local Amnesty chapter.


I have a Bruce Lee figure on my desk. He is my inspiration.


His life and career, or his abs?


His philosophy.


Push your body to its limits, take drugs and die at 32?


Wash your mouth with soap man. He was murdered, ask any compatriot.



Murdered by a Taiwanese actress what’s more.