The K-man's finest hour(s)


I’m trying to break it down for our friend MM, he thinks I have a vendetta against non-native speaking journalists.


OK, I guess you have to start with the old definition before you get to the new one.


Don’t know if the Taiwan News is on a roll with the gruesome murders news or it is just full moon/the sumer/that time of the year. But the inuendos and rumor mongering are a little bit too much. they should tone it down even if readership goes high when such tragedies are reported on.


Weren’t you pleased by the details about the organs-eating murder?


I loves me a nice plate of the girlfriend’s innards in the morning.


Th einnuendo about the motivation in the marital murder as “probably adultery” really grinds my gears. Even the choice of word.


He’s wearing me down, don’t know how much longer I can keep posting these:
“This is outrageously absurd.” “There are many mentally ill people on the MRT.”


To his credit, he didn’t call the offender a “retard.”


He’s probably not fluent enough to be familiar with that term


The first thing that came to my mind is that you suck. Too strongly.


I know not of what you speak…


Maybe it’s better that way.

Inside out


not from our man, but this headline triggered me


And he could have written that the guy was driven barmy by the balmy day.


"“in the end” she did not change, as she continued to chat online with other men, including foreigners. "

must of been the chatting to foreigners that pushed him over the edge then!


Holy shit! Foreigners?


This is getting ridiculous. Is Keoni not a foreigner?


Seriously, didn’t someone take a second to think, in the context of this story, that just maybe, that wasn’t a salient fact worth including? I’m pretty done reading this crap.


we’re talking about k-man and friends…


on a positive note the cannibal boxer murderer makes tattoo guy look like a model citizen. what a disturbing story…