The K-man's finest hour(s)


We’ve been through this already. On the day Mr K-person got his job his boss told him, “K, I want you to muckrake as much news as possible about big-noses. If a big-nose farts on the MRT and someone posts about it on Facebook I want a story. If a Taiwanese murders his girlfriend, we’ll run it but try and work a big-nose into the story somewhere. Always, in every story, push the angle, bignoses are low-lives who come here to cause trouble.”


This isn’t the most disturbing thing in the balance, but burying someone in plastic bags in a shitty strip next to a building is pretty sick.


Yea, I regret clicking on it. people are fooked


The so far unfounded speculation on eating parts of the body was even worse. Pretty sick stuff
Saw the brother interviewed on TV poor guy was blaming himself for not noticing something wrong recently.


I checked his FB, listening to him speaking he’s definitely a native speaker. I can only guess he’s not writing these pieces and his boss is using his name as a byline. It makes no sense otherwise. The grammatical errors are those of a non-native student.


Horrible stuff.


Crime of passion, dismemberment, xenophobia, possible cannibalism…under the rules of clickbait journalism, this is the perfect story.


Could be self-hate. ‘People like me are awful. Other culture is so much more superior.’ kind of thing.

Sometimes seemingly non-native errors can be committed by native speakers - if they are a bit thick.


That is similar to what I was thinking. I was thinking that it is some kind of sideways expression of his own anxieties about belonging.


Reminds me of a story a few years ago of the guy who cut off his girlfriends face and flushed. The kind of news youd hope is fake but fear might actually be true. Sorry to bring the mood down even more


I just sent the link along with the same words.

What about the foreign what?


in my neck of the woods too, rough.


Truth be told, you are assuming the man gets to choose h u s stories. Most of us just get a bunch of Chinese to translate… and then after you finish -hand in your work-related someone upstairs decides to make some changes…


17 plastic bags as per local news…And there are parts missing.

Is there some kind of local voodooo they can do with the organs so her ghost will stay with him forever or something along those lines?


The someone upstairs theory I’ve floated before. It’s one possible explanation. The thing is there is a major dissonance between the guy you can view speaking on Youtube and being interviewed by foreign news organizations and the quality of those articles. No native speaker could produce that much bad grammar and that many non sequiturs.


The President of the United States does a pretty good job of it.


Doesn’t every country/region have psycho killers? This one didn’t mail any body parts to schools or political parties in a desperate attempt to be famous, did he?


Waiting breathlessly for the K-man’s take on this important breaking story:美籍-幼教毒師-種大麻-擅長搏擊警方這樣逮到他-092359042.html


I wonder if he’ll report about the poor doggo killed in Holland, that kind of thing always attracts plenty of clicks.


The way they create these terms like 幼教毒師 is pretty bizarre.