The K-man's finest hour(s)


Yeah, it conjure images of teachers that terrorize their students or something. And honestly, how “poisonous” is cannabis?


It’s not really poisonous but anything can harm your lungs if smoked. Hence the butter!

Don’t know what the idiot was thinking he’s doing serious time now.

They made out in the report that they were arresting a dangerous man because he knows jujitsu so they sent their special ops :).

Also would advise people never to buy this stuff in Taiwan the police will check his phone records and they can test you.


I’m more interested in who ratted him out, as there was no suspicion that he was dealing.


It said he was dealing no ? I need to read it again.
Was he Growing on a hillside or his apartment ?

Edit - suspicion of dealing thats all

They even sent 13 officers trained in martial arts to take down this dangerous criminal.:slight_smile:


Closet grow.


A friend of mine was busted in this way. Hilariously the police tried to argue that all sorts of innocuous terms in his text messages were actually coded references to drug scores. Even the judge saw the funny side so clearly misinformed were the police.


I would never have any connection to marijuana in Taiwan and am always shocked if long term residents smoke it. Simply not worth it and a huge risk.

This is from somebody who has enjoyed it and will enjoy smoking it in places where it is legal (in youth also illegal but a misdemeanor at most.).


Why do you suggest someone else ratted him out? what’s your relationship with him? have you had any problems with his material?


Yeah, pretty stupid. It’s totally legal where I’m from, so I can just indulge when I visit if the mood takes me.

The police didn’t accuse him of dealing or distributing, so I assume he was ratted out by a jilted lover, neighbor, etc. I assume the government isn’t sophisticated enough to be monitoring electricity usage. Or maybe they traced him though his online purchases of grow equipment.


Why is there police at every crossroad near technology building? Is there any important event our K-man didn’t report?


Dunno, but the last two days I felt like the police was overly… cautious? suspicious?


13 martial arts experts and one judo expert were sent to his place, what went down? sounds like a kung fu movie. it would be pretty disappointing if he didn’t put up a fight. but yea stupid guy though. there are gray areas for certain things here but drugs is not one of them.


Law’s the law, and it’s Taiwan’s law to boot. So marijuana is not in the cards for me here.

It’s a shame, though. That is a plant that is very useful to humans.

Have a friend in the States, he probably has the worst case of obsessive-compulsive disease I’ve ever seen. His OCD is all about order in his life. Like many coders, it’s actually helpful in his work life since all of his compulsions are rewarded in his job. He feels zero work stress since his OCD and his work align, his bosses love him, and he’s promoted like every 18 months or so. His problem is that he can’t turn it off, and it gets in the way of his marriage (he tends to lecture his wife and son, especially about keeping a clean home). I had to stop going to poker games held in his garage, he was so bad about constantly cleaning up. Drove me nuts.

The only thing that helps is marijuana. It is literally the only way he can decouple himself from his OCD. He learned about it at age 32; he’d never smoked it before. He says it feels like somebody turns off a fire hydrant in his head. Naturally growing plant, and so helpful.


Taiwan News quoted as an authoritive source in the BBC ! What’s the world coming to.

Crafty crayfish removes own claw to escape China hotpot -


I’m telling you, man, Keoni or his doppelgänger(s) at TN pounce on a story like Mo Salah pounces on scoring from just about anywhere in the penalty area. Keoni and Mo have noses like freaking bloodhounds (one for what the reading public will click on, the other for knowing just where, and how, the ball should go).


I knew the K-man would have to cover this story, even if he was a little slow on the draw.


I like the picture’s foot note: "Kyle (right). (From from Taipei police).



“A man surnamed Yin (鄞) was angry that his girlfriend, surnamed Lee (李), had broken up with him and he wanted to beat her. Lee’s female friend, surnamed Hsu (許), on Facebook cursed Yin and he retaliated, causing her boyfriend, surnamed Wang (王), to become enraged.”

I want everyone to memorize all those surnames and who did what to whom. We’ll have a test on them after recess tomorrow.


Keep reading. A guy surnamed Huang gets added to the list, then killed.

Not sure Keoni or his editor did their readers a service in making this story clear.