The K-man's finest hour(s)


It’s like I can see it happening.


“Mentally disabled woman abducts 2-year-old girl, cuts her hair in bizarre way”

“Police found the girl alive but her hair had been cut in a haphazard way.”

Unusual angle to take in the reporting on this. A haphazard haircut isn’t really the biggest crime ever committed.


"New Taipei City’s Sanchong District "



Not to poop on anyone’s Weetabix, but it’s actually a horrifying story, the kid Huang, an enlistee in the army, had the bad luck to be driving the same make of car as the dude the gangster pukes were after, and it got him shot and killed.
As always, he was supporting several family members.


Still, this line is frggin gold:

…and appeared to be unharmed, other than the bad haircut.

I think that’s been true of most of us, at one time or another.


That was Ho. Huang was beaten to a pulp by Yin’s gang (and later died) earlier in this saga. Basically, both are dead because of Wang. Wang enlisted Huang to help him then pussed out himself. Then - because he’s obviously a super genius - he tries to enact the exact same plan again and somehow still manages to fuck it up even worse by murdering a random stranger.

Anybody know if Taiwan has a “felony murder” rule like many other countries? I would feel better reading this terrible reporting if it turns out all 20+ of those involved get what they deserve.


Right you are.
Can’t tell your Huangs from your Hos without a program.


What’s really funny is when all the protagonists share just two surnames. You get reports where a Lin and a Chen meet a Lin and a Chen and Lin hits Chen while Chen hits Lin.


Absolutely. I love seeing how the poor bastard writing it gives himself a hernia trying to keep them straight…
“At that point, Lin the taxi driver became enraged and started arguing with Lin, the driver of the Lexus and his passenger, a salesman surnamed Lin…”



Abbot and Costello would have had a field day.


Huang had the bad luck to turn up before Wang. Wang had asked his buddy Huang to back him up. Wang was the guy who wanted the face off with the gangsters in the first place.
Just shit out of luck. Beaten to death by 20 scooter punks.
It’s Pingdong so none of this particularly surprises me.


That’s just a Dr. Seuss book for the Chinese market, isn’t it?


More like Dick and Jane. Lin sees Chen. Lin sees red. Lin hits Chen! Chen calls friends. Wang and Weng glass Lin!

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This is officially a new low point for Mr K-person and all involved. It’s so retarded I’m embarrassed for Taiwan. It’s also highly racist since the only reason it’s a thing is because the guy is a foreigner.

I’ve seen people drop litter literally thousands of times over the last 30 years in Taiwan. I would never think of videoing a person and posting it on FB to shame them.

A fucking banana peel. A man tosses a fucking banana peel and it’s news?


Fucking guy should learn the local customs or go the fuck home.

This is Taiwan, man, we only throw PLASTIC shit out the window.


Or burn it, burning’s good.


If he threw it out of the window on the road in the city it would have bothered me…not to the point of making a FB post, but maybe I’d have mentioned it with my wife during dinner and that’s it…but he’s throwing some fruit in the bushes by the side of the road in the middle of Nowherestan…wtf man, how can you get triggered by that ?_?


What’s worse is that there’s an obvious whiff of xenophobic witch hunt here. A video of a Taiwanese person dropping a banana peel would be of zero interest to anyone.

The idea that big noses somehow should be subject to extreme scrutiny is just stupid. I used to joke about a foreigner farting on the MRT being news but I see now that with K-person at the helm, it’s not a joke. He would happily run with that story.