The K-man's finest hour(s)


What seems to be the consensus here , is that biased reporting is so unfair . Maybe K man is learning from the Main Stream Media that sensationalism sells . Even if it is xenophobic or bordering on discrimination against individuals . :thinking:


The piece on Paul Rudd is … unique. This is quotable:

Arriving at Taoyuan Taiwan International Airport dressed in slacks, a casual polo shirt and ball cap , Rudd greeted fans with “Hello” and “Hi” as he began his first trip to Taiwan, reported CNA.

He compounds the crime as there is anotehr piece on the arrival of Evangeli Lilly…equally deep.

The actress was reported to be in high spirits as she greeted fans and media at the airport despite the late hour. Fans taught Lilly how to say “hello” (你好) in Chinese at the airport and the actress practiced saying with the crowd, reported Apple Daily.


Wait wait wait, Paul Rudd is in Taiwan? I need to track him down to get him to sign my copy of Mac and Me.


If anyone knows which hotel he’s staying at, we can go and hang out, hunt for a pic or autograph.

He cute.


What capricious gods decided Mr K-person should pursue a career in journalism?


You beat me to it. Just saw the article and wanted to post how riveting it was. That line in particular. :notworthy:


I’m disappointed that we weren’t told what color socks he was wearing.


Do you think he waved? I wonder if he waved.


He definitely waved.


I hate to criticize the K-meister, but I think he’s dropped the ball on this one. That could have been one hell of a scoop. Is there a Taiwanese equivalent of the Pulitzer?


Don’t give him ideas. I do not think he was here at the time of the Elton John debacle.


Though Taiwan is likely to see at sunny skies and hot weather tomorrow, starting on Wednesday (June 13), due to the effects of a stagnant front and and southwesterly winds, the weather will become extremely unstable with small and medium-scale convective systems causing severe weather.

LPT, listen to your word processing software when it tells you a sentence needs editing.


Soggy dragon boats are defs a bummer.


However, soggy days are better than racing at 38 to 42 degrees. Moreover, it always rains heavily between races, at noon.


If a dragon boat were soggy enough, it could sink.


Soggy? He’s been at that bloody thesaurus again.


Maybe if I mention “waterlogged” now, he’ll use it in his next “piece.” I assume he’s reading this thread.


Next piece is the guy the local internet fans are picking apart because -gasp- he threw away a red envelope with some hair. He found a wallet and when he checke dit for IDs, he found the red enevlope with hair and thought it was one of thos ethings they do to get a groom for an un,arried dead woamn. Well, since he already has a living wife, he got rid of teh stuff. So the cyber crowd is criticizing him for being disrespectful of teh culture…

Article in 3…2…1


Hello !


' Netizens concerned as a Foreigner started talking to himself.  

He started the conversation with 'Hello' and then quickly replied 'Hi' two seconds later.

Apple daily reported 'It was a Foreigner talking to himself, what else do you expect from Foreigners '?'


There’s a movie called “Ant-man and the Wasp”???