The K-man's finest hour(s)


I missed it… Did he already “write” about the guy getting blasted and forced to publicly apologize for getting caught throwing a banana peel out the window?


Two separate articles, yep.


Blame old age… I missed all the fun.


i’m expecting the foreigner shit talk to go past level 9000 soon. saw earlier today from some facebook groups that david bond and another shit head are doing the rounds…
already seen enough, what the hell is wrong with these people and their fixation on dicks.

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Lanyu had 150mm of rain…that’s nothing out of the ordinary, wtf?


The CWB is warning 5 days of torrential rain comming.


Day three of the D-Day topic and the dickheads are still writing “lighting”.


Has anybody written to them and told them it was misspelled?

One of the things I luv about publishing an epaper is that I can fix the mistakes quickly and quietly. No more publishing a FE DE ERRATAS (dunno what you call that in English, probably also went the way of the dod with the Interweb).


Buahahaha this prize is mine!

We Latinos make noise…and funniest sh**!




Content is content. Free content is better and if you can engage the public, even better.

I’d do the same if we had better prizes to give than Taiwan photobooks and emagazine subscriptions. Heck, I doubt I can get the bosses to let go of a photobook.


Idea: within the next few days the farmers will start to harvest rice near my house. I’ll wait until they harvest it and the field gets dry(ish), then i’ll put my laptop on it. I’ll open an illegal russian stream of the world cup and I’ll give a cup of pearl milk tea to our neighbor kid just to stay in front of it with dirty clothes and looking overall miserable. I’ll take a photo and enter the contest mentioning the effects of climate change in the lives of young sports fans.

I can already feel the endless flow of money…


“Corrections” for those of us who are old fashioned enough to read actual newspapers – or “Errata” for those of us who are really old fashioned! :grandpa:


Happy birthday @the_bear !


“Many feathers were ruffled”…K-9 in rare form today. Rare form.


I think he’s doing for you. He knows you’re his #1 fan and today is your special day!


Mind you his photoshopped image of be-sneakered feet dangling over a building edge in that suicide story is a bit questionable.


Haven’t seen that one yet!


I find the whole reporting on suicides to be questionable and in poor taste. I don’t see how it is helpful to the families to report the death of two teenagers, rather what must be an absolutely horrible time for them, is now public knowledge.

Using suicide as clickbate is crossing a line.