The K-man's finest hour(s)


In New Zealand all reporting of suicides is banned.


Fowl drinks…teehee


Many of his articles are scummy and also he just repeats known fake news.



The term (and concept) of “errata” is very much alive and active in my industry, even among non-English speakers.


On their Facebook page, Unregulated Masses describes themselves as, “a group of different people from different fields, trying within the existing rules to create some events that have not yet been defined, nothing more.”

Looks like they will “define themselves” straight into Taiwan’s news media and a nice police jail where they have to cover their faces going in/out of a investigator’s building.


Why are they trying so hard to link the murder with the orgies? Why do they try to blame relatively normal sexual behavior -oh gosh, people having fun while having sex- while downplaying the FEMICIDE part of the killings? Gruesome putting someone into parts…exept for the “operson” who never saw hsi female acquaintance, partener, spouse as nothing more than a sum of parts, a thing that belonged to them.

Adult artists doing nude sculptures in teh park I wouldn’t mind. Having sex among themselves, conseting -no drugs or alcohol involved- no problem. Thos ephotos I doubt were published voluntarily, they were meant to be among a group of people and someone betrayed their confidence. is there really a law against group sex? then what is teh problem?


In a criminal investigation (such as that brutal murder), the investigators comb the crime scene (his studio in that artists village). Their job is to find anything out of the ordinary in his psychology/environment that may have prompted this or contributed to his derangement. Having that other group, Unregulated Masses, in the same artist village is just one lead they have to look into. Plain and simple.
I don’t think anyone is downplaying the brutal slaying. It’s sick, plain and simple.


The archer murder has no real connection to the Unregulated Masses group and there’s no real story there. Nude photography, so what? The rave in that tunnel? Great idea, if I’d been in town I would have gone.


Yeah underground rave , thats so Taiwan early 2000s , where was my invite ?

These artists don’t have anything to do with the brutal killing total bullshit .


I see @llen was one of the DJs. He was the original DJ at TOPS back in the early nineties.


Well we already have the guy`s private life exposed for the world to see, for days. Bunjee jumping, runaway daddy, divorced…all there. No mention to any affiliation to this group.

If this was leaked by the police it shows sexist bias and a lot of hangups. Can’t charge them with anything so they embarass them online? Glad Taiwan youth sees beyond that, see comments in Chinese.

As to Taiwan News article,yucky. They are the sick ones.


You sure. The news says:

…leased an area of the Huashan Grassland for use by a collective of artists called Unregulated Masses (野青眾). In the area, which the collective leased from Nov. to June 30, the group constructed a village made from tents, which it named 120 Grassroots (120草原自治區).

On May 31, a 37-year-old archery teacher surnamed Chen (陳), who has recently rented out a space in 120 Grassroots, made sexual advances toward his 30-year-old student surnamed Kao (高),

So, Unregulated Masses constructed a village of tents that it named “120 Grassroots”. The killer rented space in “120 Grassroots”.

Any freshman in Criminology 1A would at least know that investigators should attempt to interview all those members of that “village”.

Considering that police are berated as laughingstock in this forum and elsewhere, I am kind of amazed that some of you would be so dismissive of them even looking into this angle, even if nothing comes out of it.


Anyone can rent that space. And the group if artists, which organizes installation art activities and others is the administrator of the space there, granted that authority by MOC and Huashan.

If the pics are some kind of art installation - like the ones staged on Europe and US, that is going to be interesting indeed. The authorities chose to leak this, why?

If would be more like police work to ask why no one heard or saw anything. They are saying now the murder must have more people involved because the couple was not drinking alone.

But it is a huge space, with tall grass areas and not much light. People are asssaulted in gongwus just a little more lit.

The nude artists are not responsible for the murder. If that guy had a healthy satisfactory active sex life he would not have raped the woman`s murder after making her drunk to rape her and then killing her. That he did not learn from an art collective. Look at their pieces.

The cops are quite ashamed as this happened right next to their main quaters.


How to even respond to this statement.


Yeah, me three, I’m like…


Ok. If he had a happy life, then he wouldn’t have taken someone else’s. How about that?

In other news, sidestepping the Wenhua dormitories scandal and the closing of Miramar - one less IMAX place- I warn you guys there is another foreigner story doing the rounds on local tv, expect The K Man to make a headline of it.


What’s the foreigner story? Netizen’s outraged that a foreigner kissed a Taiwanese girl in public or dropped a banana peel again?


Nope. No matter your circumstances, how you react is always your choice. He chose to kill as a reaction.


No. I think you misread us. The police of course can investigate as they see fit. What we don’t need is the K-man flinging innuendo and allegations around implying that the girl’s murder is somehow related to the “loose morals” of this group.

In Taiwan society there seems to be a femicide around about every one/two days at the moment. Grisly stuff and worth reporting. But it’s not a loose morals issue. My tentative theory is that Taiwan society is raising it’s males with very low EQs, they don’t seem to take rejection well and they don’t seem to be able to work through their emotions. Hence a constant stream of spurned lover taking revenge type story.


True. Now he brought misery to a family because of his bad choice.