The K-man's finest hour(s)




For example, you can insult a mod via pm and get banned for that. You can also refuse to edit/delete something a mod has asked you to or edit/delete something a mod has asked you not to.

(I’m not saying any of these did or didn’t happen in the “foreign wolves” case.)


OK, Big Bro…keep up the good work!


Yeah, I’m not saying he wasn’t fair game, but the the pile-on did seem to get a bit excessive. Sometimes the boys can be a little “overenthusiastic.”


That is my point.

Oh, and as of doubting your Native tongue, see part 2…


Could you please direct me to part 2?


I think she means this:


What he said.


Maybe it’s time to make a career move to the private sector. :sunglasses:


Why, I’d love to work for local newspapers. Alas, they prefer Native speakers of Englishee.


The pay (and hours) suck too. OK, I’ve got it. You can start Taiwan’s first Spanish-language newspaper. I’d subscribe to that.


What do you mean first?! There are 3! :sob:


Really? Never seen any on sale at the local minimart. Do I need to go to a bodega?


Now there’s an idea.


No more printed stuff man. This is the age of the Interweb.

Now that I remember, I had pt the linkies here somewhere…



The horror, the horror…


Jesus H. Christ that is boring. Reminds me of reading 聯合報 decades ago. I’m sure Icon could do a much better job if she were in charge.




Hell no.