The K-man's finest hour(s)


Word. What the bear said. The press is making a big deal of 3 dismembered people in a month, but the male EQ connection has yet to be mentioned. If any organization has stepped up to bring the issue up, I haven’t seen any repetitive loop don’t stop the news bit.


Just one final detail: if we are going to speculate grom pictures, there are nice shots of him with the White Wolf. Yes, there was mention of possible gang membership, just like the gf killer. Alas those words are carried by the wind and instead cops throw a distraction. One wonders…


Eh I eat my words: someone did call for gender education:


Well it’s not rocket science. There’s an obvious issue and an obvious bias in the way children are raised in many households. Boys are spoilt and mollycuddled and raised to believe they deserve attention and respect and material offerings. Girls are raised to believe they’re a burden on the family.



EDIT: years ago three nutters from the South tortured to death some guy (or was it a girl) playing some bsdm shit and then cut him (or her?) into pieces. At least one of the murderers was a girl. More recently another woman who run a restaurant or cafe or something in either Danshui or Bali killed a man and I think that also tried to get rid of the body in smaller pieces. My point is that the sex of the victim is not relevant. Nor the murderer’s. Too many fucked up people in this island, nothing to do with sex, MAYBE with repression though.


Face culture/pride/respect seems to play a major role.
Kinda like the thugs and gangsters back home.

edit: and (self) repression


Without data crunching we can’t know. But if the headlines continue to read BF kills ex-GF, husband kills wife, then we might have a trend to work with.

One of our neighbours when I was a kid killed his wife and chopped her up into little pieces and buried her in the back garden. They were both over 70.


No wonder you moved to Taiwan. :sunglasses:


There was a lesbian trio in Taichung , about 5 or 6 years ago, where two of them turned on one girl , tied her up and cut her to pieces and tortured her. Also related to loss of face or rejection.

It was never reported on in the English dailies and it was only briefly reported in the Chinese newspapers strangely enough.


That part I wasn’t aware of. Are you sure?


It could have been jealousy dynamics between the three of them . I can’t recall all the details I posted it here years ago.

Look up Taichung lesbian murder.

Found it. Seems there was four of them and one male also.


Yeah, that was the case. I’ll read it later, but jealous sounds more like it. I wonder how feminists rationalize this… I mean, why is it that women are attacking and killing people? because of the phalocentric patriarchism told them? because lesbians have more masculine hormones and are more aggressive? I guess that the last option is not valid because we all know that there aren’t any biological differences between man and woman that may affect behaviour, same as sexual orientation is an option and there’s no biological base to it, it’s all in our collective macho consciousness.


Internalized misogyny developed from long exposure to white Euro-centric patriarchal values.




That’s easy for you to say . :joy:


Either that, or they self-identify as toxic males.


That eyebrow shape does not really suit her facial features. Bit more on point would highlight her cheeks.


I was going to say that he was obviously gay.

I’m getting old…


From a certain bloggers blog, a few serious sources:


Toxic masculinity? What in the f? I’d say these twats suffered from toxic femininity. Their moms should be looked at as the source of their immature perception of relationships.

“the two met on Tinder and that she continued to be in contact with other men, including foreigners,”
This line from that story is so many ways wrong. They met on Tinder, a hook up for sex app, and he thought she was a V? With foreigners thrown in to show how dirty she really was? Fuck sakes can’t anyone admit they were wrong?