The K-man's finest hour(s)


Great rag there.
About them:

We are a group of students and activists based in Taiwan and America who share a range of leftist politics ranging from Marxism, anarchism, and other radical perspectives.

They got foreigners on their board and they write this gunk:

What is not attempted is to put the international in touch with the local. However, as we see it, the local problems of Taiwan, much less any other country in the Asia Pacific region, cannot be resolved except internationally. What often appear to be purely local issues often are actually rooted in international causes. Accordingly, what would be needed is to situate local issues in their broader, international context, and to deliberate transnational means of addressing them. It would be through bringing the international into contact with the local, then, that we can find resolution to the regional issues of the Asia Pacific.

Cookies to those who can count how many times “local” and “international” are used in such a short space without laughing.


Could also be down to toxic Asianess, or toxic Taiwanesness. I think there is a clear problem with masculinity, but I do find it a bit strange when crimes by individuals are explained away as some kind of group problem. I’m not sure where we can move forward with toxic masculinity. If we were able to somehow remove it (hormonal injections, some sort of frontal lobe intervention?), which toxic males do we target? Waiting for them to commit an act of violence is reacting after the act.

Men are more likely to be violent. Is that a bad thing? Yes, in most cases. However, if I were in a foxhole under enemy fire I’d definitely want a toxic male alongside me.




New Bloom…same as the old bloom.


It’s like when doctors find a new variant of cancer. The main difference with the old one is that it’s new.


Mods can we have a toxic Taiwanese males thread? :bowing:


K, keeping it classy:


That moment when after decades of hentai nothing can surprise you.


But I mean, do you have to report on that?! Like THAT!? :eek:





It’s always keoni everington on the byline. Setting himself up for a good career later on.
Just Google his name and future employers will be very impressed .


Yeah I don’t think any tabloid could have stood back from that one.

6/25 agree with Ibis counter: 2


“If thou gaze long into Ibis, the abyss will gaze into thee.” - Gandhi, Mein Kampf


Just when you think it can’t get any better:



Those Southerners in Suao, when will they ever learn?


Seriously man, I know it is a slow news day, but really?!


I think he’s losing his edge. Should be “Chiayi residents rocked by onslaught of continuous earthquakes”.

I don’t get out of bed for anything less than 6.5.


Does “THRILLA NORTH OF MANILA” activate your almonds?


Glorious flying punch by the little guard there. Worth the price of admission just to see that one.