The K-man's finest hour(s)


By Sophia Yang, Keoni Everington

Love is in the air?


Could be the perfek match. Some appalling English in that.


Love IS in the air


And in some mouths too.


The question is: who is responsible for the editorial situation? Is Sophia holding back K-Man behind #metoo threats? Is she the one in charge of editing his articles but even though she’s a native English speaker she cannot do everything by herself? Is Sophia just a pseudonym for K-Man ? Is K-Man producing fine articles that are then edited by Sophia and he doesn’t dare to complain about because it he’s madly in love?

Who knows…


Not teh K man but still traggic. You notice the absence of the K man in the missing details


headline lacks pizzazz. Our guy would’ve nailed it. “Beer, beer everywhere and not a drop to drink”


It would have been tragic, if it were some other brand of beer. :sunglasses:


Waste not, want not. Motainai.


No issue with K here…just posting for the sheer epic fail involved “Let’s Get High” “Yes I do!”


Ah, “We were all very high at the party.” Up there with “I went out with my lover” as my favorite “Well, that’s correct English, but is it really what you mean?” corrections.


Tackling the hard issues!


Latest : Taiwanese prefer smiles with teeth !


i prefer smiles without the red stuff


K Man missed out big time with the Thailand cave rescues, outdone by the Dutch!


I like that Wednesday becomes “DAY OF WOE”.




K-man always gets to report this kind of stuff.


Dude couldn’t face one more day in that office. I know how he feels.


“lying in a pool of his own blood”. Outstanding.