The K-man's finest hour(s)


They hand out these pencils:


Things still unclear:
How high was the fall? How old was the Guy?
“Sensing that (…) jumped”


Is this a good deal or a bad deal? nt$60,000, seems more valuable than that.


They are all public domain .
Still it has value .


Quite obviously the National Archives should purchase this.


They tried to contact him, impressed.


I don’t know why, but the moment I read the title I knew who wrote it.


He “wandered into the contraption”…don’t you hate it when that happens? Walking down the road, next minnit, you’re inside a claw machine. :sunglasses:


Hard nosed journalism at its finest

with a runny nose, sweat covering his body and a panicked expression on his face

Somewhere, Ed Murrow is lighting up a Chesterfield in tribute

ETA: How they didn’t end up with a headline like “Toddler Plucked from the Jaws of Defeat” I’ll never know…


Oh I am a giddy goat!


It’s pronounced TAY-pas…


Toddler climbs in claw machine.
Global call for rescuers issued as all efforts fail to pick him up again.


Elon Musk Develops Rubber NT$10 Coin to Assist Rescue


Got there before I did. Like for you.


The parents probably trained the little tyke to climb inside the machines and rob them, but somehow the heist went wrong.


Luckily, it only took $80 NT to get him out.


Now George is joining in?!

This is news?! Unless they identified the next Babe Ruth with such a homerun, well, what kind of incomplete reporting is that?!


Slow news day?


Not really, there is plenty of stuff. I left some really good things out, I was checking if they picked some up. Nope.


Never mind the shit writing, the title says softball but the story says baseball.
Make up your so-called friggin mind, George.

(in the picture it looks like a baseball, but the picture’s probably faked any friggin ways)