The K-man's finest hour(s)


Chou said that after she stopped and parked her car, she checked to make sure her child was not injured, and then checked the object that struck the windshield, the report said. She was amazed to find it was a softball. She looked to see a softball match was underway on a nearby baseball field. She began to suspect that a home run baseball flying out of the field struck her car, according to the report.

On the edge of my seat with this here.


You’ve got to feel a bit sorry for the G-force. He’s been given a story even the K-man turned down.




No shit, man.
If they’re handing you the shit that’s too stupid for K-Diz to handle, you got to know you’re pretty much bottom rung.


If he works hard and learns from the master then he might one day make it.


Gore on, Gore off.


One commenter put it best when he said, “Abandon hope, all ye who enter the comment section.”


So the K-person has stopped scraping the barrel and has hopped over to the Americas to find some whole new barrels to scrape.

Taiwan not good enough for you brah?


You can balance a McDonald’s food tray on those ass-ets


Haters gonna hate.


This is what happens when you put your whole life online for everybody to see. I think there may be a message in there somewhere.


Well, to be fair, that was old news and an old article from almost a year ago.


Dammit, why’s bossman posting old shit?


It was new to me.


dafuq, how could it happen…


for everyone to see…and to profit from :wink:


Scrabble guy is back in action! Really trying hard to get a free flight ticket back home!

Will he finally end up in jail after 3 cases of sexual assault, or is the police tired of trying to figure out how to spell his name?


Wow, the K-man is too lazy to even translate 色狼 into proper English. It should be “color wolf.”


Cha bu duo, la


What the fuck is wrong with the police? Why not just deport him?