The K-man's finest hour(s)


Because paperwork.


This Bouzza guy is stalking and making threats and assaulting women. Put him jail and deport him already ffs.


Interesting that the guy actually began harassing the K-man over his reporting. I know I kind of predicted this would happen sooner or later but my sympathies in this case lie with Keoni and good on him for deciding to pick up the story again. This is one foreigner I’m happy to see named and shamed.


"Taiwan News stopped showing images of Bouazza or using his name, however, as he has been arrested for the third time for harassing a fourth victim, Taiwan News is rescinding this courtesy. "

I guess they were like:“FUCK THIS GUY”, and I couldn’t blame them!

I’d be happy to see the scrabble guy in jail for a few years. “Oh but it will cost taxpayers money!”, sure, but I’m a bit tired of this kind of wanker acting like subhuman trash looking for a free plane ticket back home.

The guy is a “tourist”…how long are tourist visas in Taiwan/ The first time he was on the news for sexual harassment was back in April, that’s almost 4 months ago. That’s A LONG holiday, man…any illegal jobs to add to the curriculum of this enlightened individual?


They should force him to teach Canadian to the jail guards until he earns enough to buy a ticket back home.


Really? We received a suspiciosu message in very good Chinese asking us to remove references to this matter. Interestingly, we haven’t mentioned or shared this story -not our cup of tea- nor linked to it in any way -not even in FB. So I guess he is covering all bases with a generic message to all media -and we are very obscure, very down the pole. And it is in perfect Chinese. And speaks of first person.

Need to talk to Keoni.


In proper [sic] English, that would be “colour”!


Is he really a tourist ?
He’s even stalking news anchors , following them from place of work?


Harassment of Taiwan News

A few days after first reporting on the fact that Bouazza was arrested for sexual harassment, he suddenly appeared in the office of Taiwan News in an agitated state and tried to coerce this reporter in taking down the Taiwan News article about his actions. After Taiwan News reported on the fact that he was to be prosecuted for the sexual assault of the college coed and female reporter, he again tried to enter the office of Taiwan News, but was prevented from entering the elevator by building security.

He continued to occupy the lobby and refused to leave for over an hour until police came and convinced him to exit the premises. Over the following weeks, Bouzza continued to harass Taiwan News via incessant email messages and phone calls.

Out of consideration of his claims of being threatened online for his alleged assaults and as he had not yet been convicted, Taiwan News stopped showing images of Bouazza or using his name, however, as he has been arrested for the third time for harassing a fourth victim, Taiwan News is rescinding this courtesy.

It goes a little beyond that, me thinks. Why would he harrass one of the English news -that has actually a very low coverage, let’s be honest, compared say, to Taipei Times- while he is on air, on TV, 24 hours a day on heavy rotation -as foreigner related news are treated here. I mean, if he fears any employer will Google him and get an eyeful, well, it is a bit overwhelming already, right?


Bouazza, you say? His name is Bouazza? Am I getting that right, Bouazza? We shouldn’t be mentioning Bouazza? Alright, I’ll refrain from using the name Bouazza. Got it. Bouazza.


He may be a Flob lurker and have read this thread, hence put 2 and 2 together to make a random number and decided K is the ringleader in anti-foreigner news reporting.


Well, if I recall correctly, there was a huge pileup on a Taiwan News reporter a while ago when they kept on doing the stories that are not exactly what I’d call flattering to the foreign community in general, even though yes, there are a few bad eggs. But throwing out a banana peel or some other indiscretion does not warrant a full page coverage, even if it is on heavy rotation in local tv news. We are not in the business of filth, even though we do have to fill a space somehow.


Yes, we know this. That’s why I started this thread.:sunglasses:


I understand they went a bit far, but talking reporters is also problematic.


FIFY. :sunglasses:


Couleur! If you’re gonna fix it, fix it proper!


Now that’s commitment!


Rednecks. :roll_eyes:


Cringeworthy pun


Really starting to suspect teh D man and teh K man are the same man.