The K-man's finest hour(s)


What’s the grub in the middle of the chicken about? I’ve spent all day studying it and I’m still no closer to understanding why you’d add a little maggot to it.


I’m assuming it’s some sort of troll suggested by DPP supporters that has taken life! No one could be serious about wanting that as their political party mascot.


They tempted the Internet and the Internet responded. No political affiliation is needed to be disgusted by that design. That it was even proposed is testimony to their endemic cronysm…and its consequences.


Actually, no.
It’s a strong testimony to KMT’s idiocy.
They deserve all the mocking they’ll get from this and more, if indeed this is what they stupidly decided to “try”.


I actually think it’s a pretty cool mascot. There must be something wrong with me.




The US has an ass as their mascot… (plus a donkey and an elephant).



it’s true, I’ve always found it to be a questionable choice, but to each their own I guess


r/whoosh :stuck_out_tongue:


You think so?



touche :oops::rofl:




“communist cabal” is a term I haven’t read before.


In totally unrelated news the K-person’s new word is “deranged”, that’s “deranged”. Used it in two consecutive articles, one about a deer and one about a guy grabbing a girl on the street. We’ll have to wait and see if it becomes the new “balmy/barmy”.


I wonder if this is a case of projection…


I remember having to give the same speech , every night, to groups of 300 people and to entertain , the guys used to challenge me with a “word '” of the day to incorporate . Increasingly difficult words appeared , like “anathema” and “synecdoche”…managed it but with increasing bewilderment to the regular listeners.
I wonder if K-man does read this thread .
If you do … please use the word " Tipped off" this week . We shall watch with eager anticipation :thinking:


…or Meow, @shiadoa


If it’s Meow, it has to be ten times.


This is suspiciously close to “tip top.” Are you a closet Q follower?


Q ? Is this some Anonymous code? Where 1 Goes to get news Should not matter. If they shut down K-man it would be wrong.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: