The K-man's finest hour(s)


Is K actually Q ? Or viceversa ?

Scary times…


I think somebody got a basket full of hugs in the last little while.


I was about to post this “news piece” in Chiense and ask for estimates of how long it would take for the K-man to write something about it…He beat me to it:

Unles they are fully naked and they look like Hugh Jackman, it ain’t news.

And he skipped the best part: the netizens comments. Best one: they do the same in Europe.


Helluva story. I hear K-person is on the HSR and heading down as we speak to try and get some follow-up coverage.

That maximum fine again: NT$300.


He could have easily incorporated the " tipped off" words in that piece. Come on K-Man


Nah, he’s gone “rogue”.


To be fair he probably has not got much licence on the content. Taiwanese people would enjoy trivia too much


Mondays are good. When it comes to content, news are aplenty.

By Friday you are scrapping off the bottom.


Ooer Missus :kissing_closed_eyes: All That Curry Appropriation…or scrapping is "fighting’ , I just can not imagine


I know they are almost certainly not Taiwanese, but is journalism here ever going to move away from the white must equal foreign meme? I’ve just got back from the UK and there are loads of people who don’t have white skin who are British. Also, a 300NTD fine really isn’t stiff.

Weird story, though. Who would want to lie skin to asphalt in this heat?


Well, now then, an absolute masterpiece here by “staff writer”.

"Police, who usually catch thieves, robbers and other criminals when they are on duty, could only tell him, ‘Police have never caught mice, so they are scared to see mice too,’” :turkey::turkey::turkey:


TBH, that hot piece of news was in CNA before…


…but did it have that killer quote?







Well played Mr K-man, well played indeed. :man_dancing::man_dancing::man_dancing:


You don’t say!


That’s actually pretty outstanding. I’m counting four separate errors in five words. Affect should be effect, right?


It could be poetry.


He used up all his chakra to channel those puns. He had no energy left for grammar, spelling etc etc. Give him some slack!