The K-man's finest hour(s)


We can start it, you and me.


Um, you’re greatly overestimating my Spanish skills (despite the fact that Spanish is basically the main language in California these days). How about you, me and Icon? I’ll take her “hell no” as a “maybe.”


Then all the articles will be about the Catalans’ legitimate struggle for independence.


That’s like a 1% of my output here.


No, I know it’s shitty enough to say “bodega” instead of kiosko de prensa (Spanish for Kiosk :wink: ), but that only makes it better.


You’d probably get beat up in NY if you said that.


Well, I was using bodega in the American (sorry, EEUU) sense, where it has a very specific meaning, kind of like a 雜貨店 or a convenience store. Maybe we can write our first article on this topic.


HAHAAAaa. that was an entertaining read.


Stupid Mexican Spanish…


One more reason for not going there.


It’s actually more of a Puerto Rican and Dominican thing.


Sometimes you need a six pack or some chips or whatever.


it doesn’t matter, Americans all of them.


Whoa, Mexicans are totally different from Boricuas and Dominicanos. But they all hate Spaniards, so I guess they have that in common. :grin:




I think you guys pissed him off:


This one looks like a public service.


A very detailed public service. I am surprised he skipped his phone number. Practically gave up all his social media data…and pornhub.


You’re right Icon, I jumped the gun there. How did they connect him to the Pornhub account?


Wow… Imagine her giving the head: