The K-man's finest hour(s)


The “laowai” part is much more prominent than the Beijing part.


who got an F?


This, along with everything else, makes it seem like he’s portraying an over-exaggeration of a role, to emphasize the idiosyncrasy and absurdness.


yeah, it looks like his actual dream was to be a cast member of that really horrible tw talkshow with foreigners, goes something like who,wto,wtf, anyways you know it when you’ve seen it. but producer said, no way, you look 0.02% too chinese, you’re not allowed on this show.


I’ve got this mental image of a Chinese guy who dresses up as a Morris dancer because he feels really English.


Damn, now I’ve got a reverse image of a Chinese guy in a Chelsea shirt eating pies and necking Stella at an alarming rate. :thinking:


One victim has therefore filed a civil suit with Aron a few days ago, reported China Times.

(Walks over to the whiteboard to the K-Man PROS column and crosses out KNOWS PRESENT PERFECT TENSE)


To be fair the present perfect tense has always been a tough tense to master…


He’d need to be practicing a traditional English martial art such as head-butting.


Great work, give foreigners a bad name.


Not after about 3rd Grade it isn’t.

Sorry, I forget you aren’t a native speaker.


I have mastered it in third grade.


Almost, but not quite.


I’ve seen a grown man naked.


Impressive usage.


I’ve seen a naked man grow.


That is being very low.


I think you mean it “has been very low when (you) said it earlier today”


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