The K-man's finest hour(s)




Yes, but was it…


On this I wholeheartedly agree, anonymity is a key attribute to our community , here we must guard the right to it jealously .

Recently I have turned all my Facebook settings to extreme privacy as there are twisted people who just want to use the material you post online for nefarious purposes .


Of course, dheartháir, this is all true, BUT this stuff was all sourced from ridiculously public postings.
Nobody hired Ed friggin Snowden to extract the (ludicrous) images and embarrassing text from a secret NSA database.
I think that needs to be considered.


Whatever. I have no stake in that.


OK, I must be honest, thsi one was hillarious.

Bit cruel, but he lets the images do the talking.


Yeah but it is not like he broke this story. He is regurgitating other popular stories/pics etc. They could pay a robot to do that. :joy::rofl::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


On one hand, you don’t actually have to pay robots.
On the other, he’s probably taking home such a miserable salary that it ultimately amounts to the same thing.


K-person really starting to explore the space. Goes on to Pixabay to nab this totally ridiculous image.


Seems K-man has stayed longer in this job than the 49 other jobs he has had :smirk:


Another Pixabay stock image…this is truly in bad taste:


What are they thinking using an image like that? Fucking morons.


These stories are in the English language papers because they might be of interest to the foreign community, right? Could K-man show some fucking tact or help with perspective about what is appropriate to western readers? I heard from a reliable source that his wife and the editor of that rag were scorned by “foreign cram school English teachers” thus, the constant derogatory use of those words. Man up K-boy, man up.


Let the western readers man up.

By the way, that kind of language is sexist. Or something.


K-Man new low…


Poster R may have a point here. The headline should surely just read “American English Teacher…” The fact she is female becomes obvious once “she” is used. If the deceased was male it’s unlikely the headline would read “Male American etc.”


And K-boy wonders why nobody likes him. At the risk of coming over all triggered, a mate of mine hanged himself 3 years ago.

Either K-boy is having a laugh, in which case he’s an insensitive POS, or he’s too thick to realise what he’s doing. Possibly both.


That’s K-person.

When I was young, someone I cared about was killed. For some years afterward, I got triggered by that sort of thing. But eventually I grew out of it. That’s my standard. Call it the five year rule.


That piece was so bad I did not even dared to link it here. Horrible lack of basic empathy in most ways, in spite of that last paragraph written like, before you jump, call here.

Wife scorned in what way? Do tell.

His wife is his editor? Now that explains a lot. When the power balance shifts from “sleeping dictionary” to “boss lady”, things go really bad (in the mind of insecure people who think relationships are power struggles)

I often find that some locals think we are all just “cram school teachers” and that is all we are suppose dto be. Like we translators are fax machinese. All and any input beyond basic production is unwanted. So it reinforces the sterotype foreign cram school teachers means losers who could not make it abroad, with drug and alcohol issues and who will leave soon… or we will make them leave. Seems our K friend has internalized that so that he is not reminded of his own foreigness or wants no competition in his immersion experience.