The K-man's finest hour(s)


The K-man is playing all you people like a violin. Do you realize that? It’s on purpose.


Yeah we know he put the picture there on purpose because he’s K-Man. Genius.


Is that sarcasm, or are you actually being astute?


You were triggered by it quite recently on here.

Growing up is a work in progress for me. I’m running out of time, but hope to get there eventually.


Yep, we keep on clicking on the click bait. making him famous. I get it.

I do hope he´s getting paid decently for this. He´ll need it when they get tired of him and give him the boot at that paper and he can´t find a job elsewhere with that stink following him.



We are talking about Taiwan News. I`d be surprised if it is over 80,000NT.


Not even. Try 65 tops.


80k, not a hope in hell.


My guess would be 50…depends on the hours, of course.


50 for most of the journos. K person gets top dollar. That vocabulary doesn’t come cheep.


C’mon, it’s not like he uses any five-dollar words.


“The controversial former Buddhist temple which was converted into a Communist Chinese shrine by the conniving construction contractor”

That alliteration don’t come cheep you know…


OK, I have to admit, that’s a five-NT sentence.


Oh c’mon, are you deliberately getting the homophone wrong!


Learn how to spell, man.



Don’t be such a homophobe…


That’s a sirius accusation…


Sexist, no. I’m sure putting words to paper that are less than honourable is counter to what he learned in his first dojo. He is showing a weak pride in his self.


I heard it from my brother-in-law’s neighbour’s sister who went to her fortune teller.


My guess is 55K, which makes him a pro-green lapdog. And because of the xenophobic tendencies (sometimes benign, but sometimes overt) of that Party, he is being a cheap mouthpiece.

Maybe they give him a discount on parent-company foodstuffs. :face_with_monocle: