The K-man's finest hour(s)


Thought that was in Xindian?


The KMT were probably the true culprits behind the recent Yonghe murder, in order to take over the victim’s “massive marijuana farm.”

The location of the Massive Marijuana Farm has not been made public, and is only known to a small group of elite KMT operatives, and a few reporters in-the-know who are keeping mum on its location for obvious reasons.


And chickenshit. I tweeted to him about the photo choice and a big nothing response.


This theory has merit. Tell me these guys aren’t blasted out of their skulls.



Basically, pics or it didn’t happen. For awhile now.


Man… That was some really good shit.




I emailed them attaching the picture in question.


Just emailed them. They need to hear from people even though it probably won’t make a difference with these scumbags.


I was all over this shit weeks ago, catch up, man


Joke’s on you guys for assuming they can read.


Interesting choice of words there. Don’t worry, I won’t “raccoon” you out, brah.


A-ha but that’s why I sent the picture back to them thusly:



I sent the picture they used in addition to the simple sentences, but I did not use a thesaurus for colorful expressions that don’t make sense.


I was just re-reading the “foreign wolf teachers” thread. I wouldn’t get my hopes up (not that anyone was)


That was when K-man was still speaking to us. :sweat_smile:


Is that what it was? :slight_smile:


And them at TN responded by publishing the unfortunate foreign teacher´s name and pictures of her apartment…

Yes, written by the K-man.

Seriously, if I was from US too, I´d write to AIT, get them to lodge a protest. Let´s see if they listen to reason.

I would not involv ethe family of the affected person buut honestly, it is a bit too much. One thing is lacking tact and the other smashing stuff with a jackhammer. That is what the article can be compared to. I see absolutely no need to be so… so… sigh.


Why does anyone need to see images of the interior of her apartment anyway?


I would think locals would not want to rent it so they want to see what it looks inside. However, that is unnnecessary as from now on the place will have to disclose something bad has happened inside, by law.

From a news point of view, the only reason is some morbid curiosity as in “it happened here”, since they cannot show the actual body. But that is lower than Apple Daily.