The K-man's finest hour(s)


It is in the Apple Daily FWIW; not sure about other Taiwan press. Taking a look here. He seems to have a defense actually, but he does seem to acknowledge that it’s him in the videos if this is to be believed


It’s very interesting to read the comments on Apple Daily. Unlike in many other cases involving sexual intercourse between Taiwanese women and Western men, the typical “CCR” comments are absent. Instead posters applaud the guy’s achievements or at least voice their (positive) amazement.

Not much sympathy or pity for promiscuous girls who probably knew what was up and only started regretting afterwards. Pretty much like the false rape allegation by the Japanese girl mentioned in the article.

I mean honestly, how can someone not see a camera pointed at her face while sucking dick?


Well I take it back. This truly is the K-meister’s finest hour. How the fuck can a newspaper get away with publishing so much pornographic content? And how much is the guy paying for this wonderful free advertising?


lol yea, at first i thought ok thats pretty bad to be secretly filming girls. until i saw the shots posted in the article, doesn’t look very secret…


Would that be called Las Feministas con Pelo Azul? :blue_heart: :ponder:

Los Gatos y Perros con Pelo Azul? :cat: :dog: :blue_heart: :ponder:


Extensive, um, research?



[flies away] :flying_saucer:


"Beat up (v) To injure physically in a fist fight. "

Urban Dic…can’t be wrong.


Maybe @tempogain meant recruited :slight_smile: :


I was thinking more along the lines of El Diario.


We have something we call Radio Bemba. When someone likes gossip too much, we call him/her that. So it would be more like Diario Bembatario.


So you’re saying you want to start a gossip rag? :grin:


My favorite one is closing down, sniff sniff.


The swastika can go clockwise or counterclockwise. Around 30 seconds is all it took for me to figure this out. It looks nothing like the Nazi swastika, either knowingly or unknowingly. This guy is writing bollocks.


That’s just idiotic…trying to create a problem where none exists. It’s like something CNN would do.


When your source for stories is a Facebook page called Fuck you Penghu (靠北澎湖)…


The brave new world of journalism. Maybe they should change their name to Taiwan I Saw This Shit on my Facebook


Two in one today:


I still don’t understand what’s k-man @_@


I see he still hasn’t bothered to edit his own work. So many typos and bad Engrish!