The K-man's finest hour(s)


Every time I hear this I get really upset in my tummy, especially from her ilk, who milk the “guest” country they were born in, actually, both countries, as they take advantage of being on top of teh food chain here and call everyone in teh US a foreigner still.


Whatever is most convenient and advantageous to her at the time.


Yeah, it’s pretty aggravating. It’s also scary to realize that we’re all just one smartphone video away from the Apple Daily headlines.


I would have asked her if she read the Ugly Chinaman by the late Mainlander Bo Yang, which touches upon the noisy nature of Chinese people. I would have then told her in no uncertain terms, if you want peace and quiet do not take the MRT, but a cab. Better yet, buy a car with daddy`s money. I would have accused her of being a princess and would have threatened to counter sue when she threatened. This dumb Yank ended up kissing her yellow ass/anus. Texan? Shit, no. Dude has no balls. He behaved like a Marin County muesli-eating liberal. I would have said to this Chinese princess that your people should be used to noise. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy: Your people handled dynamite when they built our railway!!!:face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow: NOW GET BACK ON THE RAIL CREW!!!


Told ya.

Remember kids:

  1. No putting your bags on the seat, not even for a moment
  2. Avoid blue seats like the plague, unless you are pregnant or have a cast or do look 100 years old and about to meet your maker.
  3. No gum, no loud cellphone conversations. As a matter of fact, safest bet is putting on those 70s style earphones and forget about teh world.
  4. Bonus: be careful with your bags and anyone elses´bags. Like do not hit anyone inadvertly or kick anyone´s bag or luggage, especially not inadvertly.

Patience is a virtue, practice meditation, calisthenics and Pilates on the MRT, but especially surfing.


“I’d like to do X…but I don’t want to end up on Apple Daily / Taiwan News” is one of the most common recurring jokes between me and my wife. Sometimes she’s the one to remind me that very likely there’s someone filming or a hidden camera somewhere and they’re just waiting for an atoha to do something silly.


My strategy is much simpler: don’t take the MRT. All I have to do is stay safe on Taipei’s mean streets, ha.


You know what one of the biggest problems is too? Have you ever seen someone with a camera in their face and they start yelling at the camera holder and acting ridiculous, or at least reacting to the stuff spouted by the person filming? The trick is to look confused when they pull the phone out and calmly say you don’t know what they’re upset about.

Does anybody remember there was one of those videos a while back where a woman was screaming about a pizza? I think her pizza took too long or something ridiculous. I vaguely remember that being a rare example of a foreigner getting abused on camera and the locals actually siding with the him (some, not all) because it was just a video of a woman screaming at a very confused person. Wish I could remember the details.

Point is, when you keep screaming like a madman when they whip the camera out, then you’re in trouble.


Indeed. 50% of¨"news" here is traffic accidents -all YouTube or car mounted cameras- and then 45% is those lovely person to person encounters caught on film. In other time sit would have been Candid Camera fodder, now it is that or what do you think about 20ntd chicken steak?

I know. I was just bed bound with a stubbed toe and I watched news all day. Much more entertaining, a real rollercoaster of emotions, than any HBO movie.


Wasn’t that the owner of a pizza restaurant in Taidong? And then there’s the guy who calmly filmed on the MRT while that security guard spewed out racist bile.


That sounds right. For some reason I couldn’t get the idea that it was Yilan out of my head. The security guard was an even more ridiculous case, now that you mention it. Hope he enjoyed his 15 minutes and the extended holiday he got out of it.


She’s a bit of a controversy magnet.


Oh, a race baiting attention whore…I need to study the subject, there’s great retardness to be found…


Best part of that whole deal was when some guy on Reddit said the guard mook looked like a “Cuban sandwich with glasses”, after which he was referred to for the duration of the thread as “that Cubano looking motherfucker”.
Still cracks me up every time I think of it.

Wack Things in Taiwan 2018

Easy target …Go to her Facebook …You will see a pattern. She knows the law and threatens people with lawsuits left, right and center.


She was on the way back from a defamation lawsuit against her brother.

What are the odds?


Why a white guy ? Any day of the week you could find dozens of people blaring mobiles, loads of old people do it.


Thankfully we had Woodwood and Bernstein investigative reporting from K-boy.


Anybody who blares their phone, uses their phone like it’s a ham radio or watches those silly tee hee hee shows on full volume, in public, is a P.O.S. For all I know he is a paid actor. None of us would scream racism or be so rude in public what with the eggshells we have to walk on.


She stuck the phone in his face and he lost it. He didn’t know what he was in for.