The K-man's finest hour(s)


That whole article was just an excuse to publish the cleavage shot. I don’t think you’re actually supposed to read it.


And say “breast”

Maybe it means “wafer”


Only a NT$1,500 fine.

All six were charged with violating Social Order Maintenance Act (社會秩序維護法), for which they each will be fined NT$1,500.


Why doesn’t K provide the link to the Line group then? Community service.


Plus an error that spellcheck wouldn’t detect:

“East customer paid NT$2,500 (US$81) for a 50-minute session, with NT$1,500 going to an intermediary and NT$1,000 going to the prostitute.”


All of his articles are riddled with them. Hence why some question whether or not English is his first language.


I don’t think so . He is from the USA or Canada :joy:


He is a Yank.


No, he’s from Hawaii.


For people outside the US, a Yank is a Yank is a Yank (as insulting to Southerners or Islanders that may be).


Only for the British and their former colonies.


I come from outside the yes, errmm I mean from outside the US, and yes I can confirm that to me a Yank is a Yank. But what is a Yank? New Englander, and mainstream culture. Any other variety of American qualifies only if said person talks like a Yank. We have history class in Nova Zemlya, so we know our stuff.


Calling all Americans Yanks is cultural appropriation. :sunglasses:


In its literal form, I take a Yank to mean a White Anglo Saxon Protestant who lives in New England. A Blueblood. A Weld or a Putnam etc.

But to Brits etc., it generally is used to just mean an American.


To me - a non American English speaker - “Yank” means new Englander, and like I said ‘mainstream culture’ i.e. WASPS and people who are culturally WASPS, (like token black guy)

William Shatner

Hank Williams

Shirley Temple

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Justin Trudeau

Guillermo del Toro

New Englanders like that would definitely all be Yanks – in my book.

Yea, and they wear our basketball hats backwards too… its sadenning


Shatner’s Canadian.


OK then, reduce the Yankee list to this:

Hank Williams

Shirley Temple

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Justin Trudeau

Guillermo del Toro


Schwarzenegger’s from California.


Ok, Ok:

Hank Williams

Shirley Temple

Justin Trudeau

Guillermo del Toro

Idi Amin

Joseph Stalin


All of them ain`t Yanks.:joy: Williams was a good ole boy from the South, Shirley was from California, Arnold is a Teuton from Austria, Trudeau is a Catholic as is del Toro.