The K-man's finest hour(s)


Because this is news, K-man broke it:



He must have pissed off someone to get that piss assignment.


Most of his readers…doesn’t narrow the field down much.:joy:


Still having to remove personal photos, videos etc. unconnected to any news reporting.


Actually quite creative.


Was there something wrong with what I posted? I thought it fit the thread perfectly. Or is that about something else?


I just posted a photo he posted publicly himself. That’s verboten?


Yep. Let’s keep it to his writing


But his writing is the most embarrassing thing about him. Much more embarrassing than the Cuck Norris photos…


But he posted it for all. He decided that anyone could see it …you decided that we can’t? Really . I understand keeping Forumosa posters private , but which Public figures are we allowed to re-post/? posting his address or number would be wrong TG, but not sure about Public pictures>


@the_bear already claimed to be him. Maybe someone here really is.


I am Spartacus :yum:


The convention I guess is don’t trawl through people’s own social media for content. I personally would not be happy to see my own FB posts reposted on this site for ridicule. But you’re welcome to post my IG photos. :sunglasses:


They have different spellings of McDonalds in the same ‘article’. Impressive.


Subtitle: " Resources will be injected to boost audiences . . ." That sounds scary!


Not a K-man article.


Why can’t we get reporting of this quality and magnitude.


“The staff at the resort were friendly, they saw some debauched things and had to clean up a lot of mess but were still polite.”

At “a lot of” I was REALLY worried about what the next word was going to be…


How is puppetry intangible? And whatever happened to that historic fantasy puppet tv series that was so popular years ago?