The K-man's finest hour(s)


I think it’s referring to the skills involved:

Is this it?

If this is the one you mean, the article says it’s still being produced, but I haven’t figured out how to verify that.


They have a tv channel to themselves, movies, product tie ups, and games. Might not be as ubiquitous and crazy hot as before but still going strong.


K-man’s mic drop moment:


When the news are a bit slow, you can always have faith in K-Man. He always delivers when he’s needed the most.
He’s not the hero we need, and maybe not even the hero we deserve, but that’s where we’re at.


“When will the air in Taichung finally be clean… scared no, no.”… a behemoth as massive as Godzilla…

For posting the photo of Ultraman, things were tipped into a positive balance though.


Who is Ultraman fighting though, that’s what the man on the street needs to know.




And, more importantly, how full his charge is.


King Kong ain’t got SHIT on me!


That pic will be in K-Man’s tomorrow article, unless some juicy news happen somewhere.


“Clear skies return to Taipei revealing ginormous panda”






Today was a terribly slow news day. I dragged the bottom of the barrel with a one week old photo and a story I had a hard time convincing my boss anyone would like to read. Fills the space, has a nice picture, touches one of the main topics: Taiwan food, Taiwan vitality, Taiwan warm power… children, elderly and if all else fails, gender equality works for pictures too.

My boss wanted me to write about that gene thinghy, which I noticed TN jumped into with glee. Not a K-man piece though:


I have a cute photo of a full rainbow that cuts the top of the 101as it disappears behind the clouds. You could write a piece about the contrast between nature and mankind or whatever, but my camera’s Wi-Fi is jammed…gotta wait until I’m home tonight.


It is 3pm already, my deadline has passed. But thank you for the offer. Now that would be a click worthy image.

Content matters nothing now, all that matter is those clicks clicks, not even in the website, but on FB or Twitter. :sob:


Yeah, that one guy keeps calling me “garbage monkey” and shit?

Pretty sure that constitutes a Personal Attack, man.


I have a photo of lightning hitting the top of the CKS Memorial. OK it’s a composite image but these days who cares?



It’s a cute snapshot that I took while in a building, not something I’d publish anywhere (it shows some reflections from the interior light and cleaning them 1 by 1 would be a pain), maybe if i don’t get home too late i’ll send it to you, it’s neat.


You haven´t seen the stuff we use from CNA, have ya?