The K-man's finest hour(s)




OH, that is a beauty compared to other daily stuff. I mean, I´d like to think they keep the best stuff for… someone else, as what I get as a paying customer is ridiculous.


K-Man Live
He is really a self promoter. He’s posting his articles in every English forum related to Taiwan.


I’ve just blocked him… makes life so much easier and avoids the spam posting in groups


I couldn’t get passed the first minute! What the hell was that garbage?! And that video is like an hour and a half long! I think it gave me cancer. Wasn’t even able to get to the part where K-man talks.


That’s the secret, though: first it gives you cancer, then K-man heals you.


Tried to give it another go and skipped ahead through some of it. Found some gold right around 59:05 where he talks about how his rag isn’t a tabloid because of the “sensational stories” and facts that they report on and don’t do gossip like “beauty of the day”… Doesn’t he have “picture of the day”?


That bit’s comedy gold. Do you think he actually believes it?


I tried to find what the Taiwan Observer was. That took me to a small website where I found my way to a K-man article in the Taiwan News. I’m guessing these guys are all friends. This is old news from May but I checked and it hadn’t been shared in this thread yet. I think we all remember this guy.


at least 10 Chinese men savagely beat him, demanding that he say that Taiwan is part of China, as hundreds of bystanders watched. Refusing to refer to Taiwan as part of China, but fearing for his life, Paul said in Mandarin, “OK, you think Taiwan is China I’ll say Taiwan is China, I just want to leave.”

Yeah, I’ve also seen movies before. :roll_eyes:

EDIT: how can you get “savagely beaten” by 10 Chinese bros and only get a few bruises and a broken tooth? Was it a pillow fight?

SECCOND EDIT: I hate asian gang up culture where if you call 24 of your buddies to come wamp on some poor dude it makes you a cool/badass gangsta :sunglasses:. What happened to 1v1 and if you need your friends to help you it makes you look like a MEGA pussy?


Ive been in a 50 against 2 fight, where I was in the minority, also been in a fight 5 against 1 here in Taiwan against some mainland Chinese hanging out in bars a 3 am. The latter left me with a bloodshot eye, the previous, a lot of bruises but nothing serious after a day or two, and no they weren’t using pillows.


What happened? How did you manage a 5v1 without getting badly hurt? The only 5v1 “fight” I have witnessed was 5 East Indian dudes kicking the shit out of some poor bugger who ended up dying. How could you take such a beating? Did someone step in? Was this in Taipei?


You got to be @Mick


Few bruises from falling out of bed after rolling over during the hero dream sounds about right.


It was in the combat zone, whole thing was a mistake. A friend of mine who is quite a bit older than me was being wrestled for a pool cue and all I wanted to do was separate the two. Turns out, the guy was so drunk that I was much more effective than I hoped and he stumbled and fell into a nearby chair and table. After that his friends piled in.


Has K-man given up on any pretence of journalistic integrity with the subheading of this article?

“Taiwanese man in a load of trouble after tossing his semen on Japanese woman’s hand Taipei’s Shilin District”


har har!

I guess his load obliterated that preposition.


At least he didn’t say “a wad of trouble.”


The woman said that police initially blew off her claims. :joy:


“When she returned home, she discovered that the substance had the odor of semen and her hand began to become inflamed and swell.”

That must be some semen.