The K-man's finest hour(s)


It’s this sort of behaviour that discourages swallowing.

I hope they throw the book at him.


“Hsu said that when he felt under a lot of pressure, he would release it by tossing semen on unsuspecting women as they walked by”



Now I know the real meaning of the term “tosser”.


Semen allergies are more common than you might think.


Never heard of them! It seems unlikely biologically. Well, another good reason not to get semen on you I guess.


I thought that was just a euphemism for “frigid.” :sunglasses:


lol, yeah. “Sorry, I have a semen allergy.”


It could make having children “problematic.”


Could a man have a semen allergy?


Is there any substantial difference between different men’s semen?


No idea. I remember a pop star who claimed to be allergic to her own saliva. I couldn’t work that one out.

EDIT: It was Lisa Stanfield


Is his nickname squid?

Male squid give females sperm packets called spermatophores, which they stick onto the female using either a tentacle, “technically called a hectocotylus,” or “a terminal organ, which is like a giant penis,”



I remember there was a Japanese movie that explained this (the tentacles) in very great detail. A fine piece of cinematography.


Famously romantic, squid. A little moonlight, some schmooze, a little wine, and a warm hectocotylus go a long way in the romance dept.


It is in fact a medical condition. Rare but existing. I had a classmate who was allergic to many thing, including semen. Took her and her bubby a bit of high tech to make kids.

Remember there are people who get allergic to water. Certain parasites can make you allergic to meat or fish.


Yep. If the guy smokes…sorry, no BJ. Nicotine affects body fluids.


The turkey baster?:joy:


No, obviously. Duh!

In vitro. Very expensive.


This is how the Ministry of Health should be pushing their anti-smoking message.