The K-man's finest hour(s)


Definitely. Smoking also affects performance, stamina and fertility.


But it’s still cool.


Nope. Not if you stink.


Some people like stink. :laughing::laughing:


This type of waste-throwing isn`t just limited to Taiwan.:mask: It is happening in my old stomping grounds!!! Cook Street Village! LOL.

A video showing a cyclist defecating in the street and throwing his feces at a woman in a locked car has police on the lookout. Following a collision in Greater Victoria, B.C., a man pulled down his pants, defecated in public and then threw his feces at the car.

Video of the incident then shows him ramming his bike into the passenger side headlights of the vehicle before cycling away on his bike.

Rutherford added that prior to the feces-throwing, the cyclist opened the door of the car and was “verbally abusive” to the driver.


This is not from the K-Man of course, but just think about it: how GLORIOUS would it be if the K-Man had the opportunity to write an article about this?


Racist pets are pretty common, but I have to admit, this is a new one for me:


I bet the K-Man is discussing with his boss how to report this story and make it somehow relevant to Taiwan.
I think we all need this.


I certainly need the clarification. I was under the impression that turning one’s own lungs black was the inclusive thing to do.


He should write about the dogs at the women’s dorm in NCCU. They are trained to bark and growl at guys. Well, not trained, but they tend to do it, at least when I was a student. Sexist dogs!


Holy shit! Seriously K-Man?!


That’s a serious stretch. What are the chances that anyone in Taiwan would even be familiar with the term “Dego”? K-man is truly working hard to earn his “merchant of sleaze” title.


-Throw a white power party
-Only invite two white people.

Pffffft, some party.

six out of the seven artists featured in the ad appear to be Caucasian, thus reinforcing the impression that it is somehow glorifying whiteness.

Nice try k-man

EDIT: I’m honestly confused who k-man thinks the non white person is?


Maybe he thinks Degos are white?


What is Paris Hilton’s pic doing there?


they do look similar, but Dego Miranda is actually not Paris Hilton.


Well, Paris could afford the necessary plastic surgery. Just saying.


i’d also like to point out that i have no idea who any of those people are.


I’m strangely attracted to the bird with the facial hair.


Degos are known for their swarthy good looks.