The K-man's finest hour(s)


YES!! I was working at a publishing company that was transcribing her show for some ESL thing. I was assigned to proof the transcription. I had to slow down the video to follow the text. Try listening to that voice in .8x time.


Jesus – having to transcribe her crap and the K-man`s. They should have paid you triple time!


This is me when I hear Janet’s voice on TV. Seizures.


Jane Lee of ICRT fame… ‘I’m Jane Lee…’


Yip – no chance. She looks not bad in a bikini.


Wasted 6:20 silently watching before bikini. Looked like she was teaching sign language.


It is in the first 30 secs too.


All I remember of ICRT was a guy who opened with “Ni How are you?” and when they tried comedy and came up with couple of sketches, one called “Shabu Shabuxiban.” Could have been funny, but wasn’t. And they repeated it over and over.


She should have titled it “PeggyTeachesChinese in a Very Revealing Bikini”


If I teach chinese in a revealing bikini can I make youtube bucks too?


Someone already working it.


Slow day for the news? Well, not for Him.

He always delivers.


Voice of the People… Bridge to the World… Never a Slow News Day, Someone Caught a Fish or Something


That was actually kind of interesting though. It’s Q.


It was big news on local media. More as an omen than for its size.


here’s a selphie of my reaction:



End of the year is kind of slow. It is really difficult for us: we do not cover local mudslinging and gossip/political innuendo, nor traffic accidents, which make more of the local news share.

Yesterday there was also like 30 minutes of this guy who pulled a 1000 NTD plus scam on a taxi driver pretending to be a hotel guest. And a not so nifty pickpocket.

BTW K Man should cover the pickpocket epidemic. It is reaching worrisome proportions. Like, once a week.


I like the way you spell “selfie”…excellent branding.


Hey Icon, was there a news story recently suggesting scooter driving morons turn on their high beam lights to make it safer on the roads? I can’t for the life of me figure out why these retards have gone from not turning on their lights unless it’s full dark to blinding everyone they drive towards.


Autocorrect often corrects things it believes are typos while they’re actually not, but didn’t intervene on selfie/selphie…dafuq

Well, “selphie” is now my thing, I’m fine with that.