The K-man's finest hour(s)


that guy would’ve been 5-Mao’ed in China for that maneuver


Anybody who can use the word “netizen” with a straight face has my respect.


I prefer neziten.


No respect. Fake words at least need to be spelled correctly. :sunglasses:


Taiwan News 2018 Person of the Year.

Taiwan Netizen


I think it’s our duty to spread that term as much as possible, and make sure that google will index it together with the K-Man, so that if anyone makes a google search about him the results will show:“Did you mean K-Man Poolitzer?”.


Nah, that will be too mean. I like it as a general term, as we in media strive for the lightest fluff, serching for the most clicks. It is not his fault that is the general direction for the field now.

His malinchismo upsets me, but that is my perception. Maybe he thinks otherwise.



I think there’s about 5 threads this could go in

Good to see proper accreditation for the photo here!


Epic fail. Nathan’s full name is clear in the screen shot. But he’s made his account private…


lol. I’m sure they’ll fix it soon now.


My picture is used in the top and the bottom of the article, but it’s credited only in the bottom. Weird. Maybe I should sue them before they fix it.


Are they pulling that from Formosa what the F. Nothing is sacred.


Nah, he asked me by PM and I said whatever. Is he the famous K-man?

I also thought they fabricated the news because I understood him that they were going to use it for some article, and it hasn’t been used until now. when I saw that the news was about some guy posting a picture on Instagram I was very confused xD



where’s my PM? He’d be nothing without me…


you go enjoy that sweet, sweet K-Man money!

I think you have been asked for permission just so that the commenters on their FB page now know where to find you.

Doxxed by the K-Man, Feelsbadman.


I would love it if those clueless assholes insulted me on Facebook. Sue them for nice $$$.


So did K Man ask you or Nathan ask you ?


who knows. The account is TaiwanNews, which could be used by either I guess.


Wait, so K-man asked @mad_masala for a picture that @mad_masala posted on Forumosa of the same place that “Nathan” took a picture of? Is mad_masala “Nathan”, because the reaction to just leave Taiwan seems like something MM might do to troll the news.
Was mad_masala asked through FB, or another network, because @TaiwanNews hasn’t been active for years.
I just found an account named @taiwannews886 which posts, almost exclusively, articles by K-man, and has carried on doing so despite the ridicule. I wonder if he gets paid by the click, because he loves to self-promote here and on FB. Since I’ve tagged him and he’s probably going to read this, maybe we should all offer him some writing advice.