The K-man's finest hour(s)


We need more stories like this:



Wait, wait! What if he secretly started this thread so we’d post his articles for him? We could be doing his bidding.




I like K-man’s technique of repeating himself (almost verbatim) to make his articles longer.

On Wednesday (Jan. 9), the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) detained the the trio when they attempted to enter the country from the U.S., however, as they held Canadian permanent residency they were released, and promptly applied for refugee status.

2 (very short) paragraphs later:

The next day (Jan. 9), the three were reportedly intercepted by CBSA officers as they entered Canada from the U.S. However, because they held documents proving Canadian permanent residency and the officers did not have sufficient reason to hold them, they were released.
Upon her release from detention, Su reportedly immediately applied for refugee status.

Same thing in this article:

The force of the collision was so great that the Toyota was sent flying three meters in the air before smashing into a roadside pole

Then, just a little further down:

The force of the impact was so intense that the Toyota was sent hurtling three meters in the air, before smashing into a roadside pole

Come on, K-man. Step up your game!


He had me at “Lady Nai Nai.”


That´s a CNA technique actually. Did he work there before?


Even more so if it was “Lady Niu Nai”?


It would have to be “Lady Nei Nei.”


The answer to that is yes.


Just reading the title, subtitle, and first paragraph I’ve already read the entire article three times.


Note to self: Backup plan, get Taiwanese citizenship, get rich cheating people, run to Canada for “refugee status”.


Uh, the husband is a lady?




I actually just skimmed the title at first and noticed something about “plastic surgery” and “husband” and saw the picture. At first I thought it was something about how the husband cat-fished the wife into thinking she was a he. lol


FWIW, the wife don’t exactly look like she’s fielding weekly job offers from NASA.


I’m thankful the picture captions says Huang(left) and Su(right).


Good point. Huang is actually prettier than Su. I wonder who did his face.



You bastard!


If that person has a Y chromosome, I will eat my hat.


Is Lady Nai Nais husband a woman. It’s all a bit weird to me…