The K-man's finest hour(s)




My wife showed me the video last night and my reaction was “that can’t be real,” because it was so over-the-top. Has he been charged or anything? Because if the mother was filming it had to be because this kind of thing is common and she wanted evidence for whatever reason. Maybe just for a divorce?

I wasn’t even really following it, I just feel bad for the kid. Then this hot pepper thing made it weird.


After video surfaced on social media of a man 42-year-old man surnamed Lin

“a man 42-year-old man”

that required them to be also be sent to Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital

“to be also be”

Every article has so many typos/errors it makes them really hard to read.


It’s a strategy: all the typos and and errors are so easy to spot that readers develop addiction. Eventually you’ll find yourself reading the K-Man’s articles looking for mistakes, but the truth is that we’re all being played by a mastermind who knows all the tricks to increase the amount of views.


It drive me nuts! :wall:


It’s also contagious !


16th most viewed thread in the history of this forum. The man’s an evil genius. :rofl:


It’s incorrect: The peppers were cooked up by the angry mob and police took it to appease them.


Yeah but, nah but, yeah but I knew that already and stuff.


You know very well that the first rule of reporting is “don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.”


Waste not, want not.

Very anti Buddist to let good food go to waste.


I don’t know how high the oppression thread ranks, but I should make sure it goes way about this


I think spicy food is anti-Buddhist as well.

I didn’t read that fact anywhere but Taiwan news. It seems likely that K-man was basing that off the picture. I seems very unlikely that the police would go through the trouble of cooking spicy food rather than taking it from someone already doing it there, and very unlikely that this would break up a crowd. But I wasn’t there.


Overly spicy food, I think. That pot would seem to qualify


Even vegetarian?


Yeah, I got it mixed up with garlic. Every doctor in Taiwan tells me to avoid spicy food when they have nothing else to say, so I just associate that with Taiwan stuff.

Still, meat balls.


I don’t think there’s a specific prohibition on it. Came to the party too late :slight_smile:


There are on certain spices or vegetables, or it may be defined “best not to” as Buddhism has few real prohibitions. I think that goes for meat also. Most monastic communities would prohibit all of that. But I was wrong about peppers.


The guy’s face is blurred in the photos but not the video


I think that’s because they embed videos, so the liability is on the SM platform or the uploader. But screenshots they take are their responsibility. I see that a lot.