The K-man's finest hour(s)




:left_speech_bubble: When your left testicle hangs off lower than your right one is time to consult a doctor about cheating wives@Dr_Milker


I never said that! I said “If the right testicle hangs lower…”


NOW you tell me.


No, your other right.


I always get those two confused.


Now that I think about it…ever since those Spanish guys got arrested, Jesus disappeared from the forum…

Really activates your almonds…


I guess it’s a nickname given to Keoni Everington, who writes for the Taiwan News.


I spent weeks thinking it was some kind of meme -_-


He wishes


“After the Tainan Public Health Bureau made the announcement of her positive test for HIV, epidemic prevention officers started an investigation of the possible epidemic.”

Nervous times for a few lads down in Tainan I’d say.


“100 clients possibly infected.” Talk about fake news. I’m sure the chances of that are close to nil.


A hotel security guard heard the commotion and called the police, who then discovered that Alice was engaging in prostitution.

Police said that Alice looks “pretty,” but once she puts on makeup, she looks “stunning.”

I should read TW press more often. It’s funnier than forumosa.


“Just after Alice had sex with a client surnamed Hsieh (謝), Wang barged in pretending to be a cop getting ready to arrest them. Wang then robbed Alice of her mobile phone and Hsieh of his gold necklace. However, Hsieh then leaped up and started to fight with Wang.”

May be culturally insensitive, but I am still laughing about that paragraph. That’s a keeper.


This one please do not blame the K man. It is mostly taken from CNA, thouigh that last paragraph seems fully original.


Please also note that there was an ABC that was identified as foreign national on TV who was violent towards a taxi driver -on whom he had skipped paying the fare of …160 NTD even though he had money in his pocket. Led police on a chase and hit/cursed the police when caught. Surname Cheng, foreign national. No Apple front cover for this guy. Yeah yeah…


It’s not really an everyday “some guy caught smoking maryjuana” story, and his identity has been protected. I’m somewhat encouraged.


Despite living in Taiwan for many years, he said that he was unaware that the drug is illegal in the country.

Buddy gets points for chutzpah, either way…:+1:


“Due to a recent spate of arrests of Americans for possession of marijuana in Taiwan”

Has there been a recent spate? How many is a spate? My dic says “a large number of similar things coming in quick succession”. So I would want to see double figures on this. Anybody?


Talking about chupatz: the second guy pretended not to speak any Chinese when he was arrested. Lo and behold, when his teacher went to fetch him at the station, he produced a most clear and accurate classical Mandarin…


Sure. But I would say halved. You see, they caught two early in the year, now they got one.