The K-man's finest hour(s)


You aint just whistlin dixie…
The guy is deeper than you think. You ever see his short video of himself drop-kicking the Great Wall from the inside? Very metaphoric.


I really don’t know where to go with this one. Anybody?


Something something Richard Gere something.


Yeah, something along those lines…


I saw the news about gerbils elsehwere. They left out the details of the skirt and the silk stocking wrapping…

Kman, one step beyond Apple/Next TV…


And the story continues…

At that time, our final conclusion was to separate temporarily. He stayed at his mother-in-law’s house, and my son and I went back to live in Luzhou.

So the “final conclusion” is that he was staying at her mom’s place?


Not the K man but:

Taiwanese freight company Evergreen Marine Corp. is expanding its operations into Central and South America this year following the recent opening of four new agency offices in the region.

Over the past few months, the company has opened new offices in Peru, Chile, and Mexico, and on Jan. 14 the company announced the opening of operations in Buenaventura, Columbia in a press release


  1. COLOMBIA, not Columbia. Columbia is a fine University, Colombia is a country in SOUTH America.

  2. Mexico is in NORTH America.

  3. None of the four countries mentioned are located anywhere in Central America.

In case of doubt, a globe will be provided. Geography links on the Internet.


The term 中南美洲 was one of my pet peeves back when I was a translator. I mean, they basically just made up a region.


I mean, those two are not even physically together: you cannot walk from South to Central America. Tapon del Darien anyone? El Canal?

If they meant Latin America they are still leaving Mexico out with that name… or putting it in the wrong place.


One of the finer examples of chabuduoism.


Haven’t checked all the articles in Taiwan News, but are all the news written by the same guy? the few news I’ve opened were signed by him. Maybe it’s his own blog/newspaper?


K-Man is #1 culprit, but there are a few others. Are they real people or just pseudonyms? Or maybe alternate personalities? These questions I cannot answer.


OK, so there’s also Scott Morgan and Mathew Strong.


They who ??? central taiwan and what???

Jesus Christ Almighty.


Judging from the quality of the writing, they could just be bots.


No. Even bots can be so… er… Talented!


This is actually sad news. It’s not just young parents who do this. I’ve seen grandmothers thump babies on the cheek or spat their hands to stop them from crying. Don’t people learn at least by repetition that that does not work? Babies don’t have the ability to connect behavior to punishment.
I’m surprised the inevitable mob didn’t show up with “backscratchers.”

I wonder if police will start to keep these investigations private. The child’s death seems to have occurred shortly after 9pm. The police held a press conference around 10pm. The mob showed up around 1am. We can hardly trust the source, but if the timeline is even close to being correct, it seems very irresponsible of the police to be making statements about an active investigation that soon after the crime occurred. The names were even released by someone. It happened late yesterday, and the mother’s FB picture has already reached the English news.


Taiwanese are shocked by the death of an 18-month-old toddler in southern Taiwan at the hands of her 17-year-old mother, father, and two cousins, reported Apple Daily.

K-Man lists the father, but the rest of the article says its the mother’s boyfriend. Can he get into trouble for false accusations?


A tiny retraction on an unseen page is a newspaper’s absolution for much sin. Online, I think they just edit it and put a note at the bottom. I’ve seen better newspapers do the same. As long as a mob of English readers don’t show up with “backscratchers” there’s no damage to the father.


If you see even the articles in other publications, even in Chinese, they also do not connect the dots and understand that you cannot discipline a baby, especially that way. Locking them in rooms, beating them, burning them, making them stand in corners… those are not only cruel but also stupid as the behavior itself is not corrected, if it can be corrected at all. Babies cry, a lot. They may or may not eat, especially when irresponsible parents who prefer KTV to home upset their feeding and sleeping schedules.

It received nearly 60,000 reports of child abuse last year, of which about 33,000 were confirmed, and nearly 9,000 cases were evaluated by social workers as in need of intervention, it said.

About 80 percent of the victims were younger than six, the ministry added.

Many of the child abuse cases were caused by improper communication and adults losing their temper, Department of Protective Services Deputy Director Lin Wei-yan (林維言) said.

There are various causes of child abuse, such as marital problems, parents losing their temper over their children’s behavior, parents struggling with alcoholism, and adolescent parents who do not have the skills or the resources needed for childcare, she said.

Interesting, the mob justice also tried its best here:

In 60 thousand cases, only 9000 did the law intervene… mostly because they get the corpse or maimed body at the hospital, not before. They simply cannot take teh child away from the violent environment.