The K-man's finest hour(s)


The mob justice is bullshit. Every member of those mobs would have turned a blind eye to domestic abuse in their own apartment blocks or in the neighborhood at some point or other. It was the same in England when they released the registered pedophile lists. People love saddling up and getting outraged but when a situation requires individual action and confrontation no one does anything.


Wasn’t there a female paediatric doctor who was forced to flee her house in Portsmouth when a mob stoned it?

EDIT: It was in Newport.


Yeah, that was the exact time I was in London. It’d be funny if it wasn’t so tragic.


Why was the mob after her? did a gypsy kid die in her clinic?


Some genius confused the term pediatrician with the term pedophile…


Tell me you are kidding.


There was some news last year about a guy (almost?) killed by a mob somewhere in Latin America. The guy turned out to be innocent.

OK, he was burnt, and he was innocent. It happened in some shitty town in Mexico:



Wow, that’s classic. :grin:


Good lord… that’s ridiculous… and as said before, it’s funny but it’s sad in several ways.

You see why we need a fair trial before taking any action, @tempogain?


If only the K-Man had the opportunity to report on that…


When you think we’ve reached a level of peak stupidity, some people will surprise you on a housing estate in Wales.


How is domestic abuse reported now? Once I had a student who came to school with a dark welt across his face the size of a man’s hand. He said his father hit him because of a bad grade. I demanded the school call the police but you can imagine how that went. They decided to quietly talk to the mother. I took a picture with my HTC HD2 (for time reference) of his face, his Chinese name, and I wrote down his student number and school name. When I got home, I asked a friend what to do, and he found a domestic abuse hotline. It was a 11 number, I think 113. It wasn’t run by the government, though. It was run by a Christian charity, World Life, or something Worldwide. They took all the information and I emailed them the pictures and said they’d pass it on to social service workers. I don’t know what happened after that, but I didn’t see anymore bruises. I was glad that there was what there was and they at least partnered with someone who cared, but I thought the government should have their own system in place.


Just a follow up piece to add to it


Not sure what to make of that. No one actually knows who did the graffiti but whoever did do it was an idiot regardless of age or motivation.


Probably, as often is the case, somewhere between the two extremes. Nuance is dead.


Indeed. You get a swastika on your door and it’s written off as just kids.

EDIT: From what I can find it seems that Yvette Cloete, a pediatrician, was wrongly outed as part of a News of the World campaign to out paedophiles in August 2000.

She then came home from work to find “Paedo” spray-painted on her door. The police put this down to kids. She decided to move.


the act of vandalism itself was idiotic or ill-informed, I like the symmetry between the story itself and the reporting of the story, both classic examples of Taiwanese whispers.

I just waiting for the version with pitchforks


As opposed to sensible and informed vandalism? You’re not suggesting that twat Banksy, are you?

Who are you concerned the pitchforks might be targeting, out of interest?


it could be an unaccredeted Banksy, he likes to make a statement.

The villagers with pitchforks and hand grenades, who chased the good Dr out of her home.
While the landlords of the local taverns preached there sermons from their highest barstools. This scourge of paediatricians was no more. The people could rest in the knowledge that their children where safe and the dreaded vaccines where vanquished.