The K-man's finest hour(s)


It was probably some high teenagers having a laugh.


Probably. Intimidated a woman to move home.


The article said she decided to move to a better neighborhood. Just having your house graffitied might get you thinking about that.


Yes, it could.


I think she should have embraced it. “Ooh look those nice kids have painted a sign on my house so everyone knows I love children”.


Sure. Just add “eatrics” on the end


She might be batshit, but it’s tricky to call post #metoo.




Gives it a bit of edge


I feel like I am not getting enough kudos for generating so much Taiwan News content


Podiatrists will be next.


Then psyco the rapist. Err. Psychotherapists


Obligatory “Not the K-man”, but…

The part that is K-manish:

Lan Chun-sheng (藍俊昇), chairman of Wisdom Marine Group (慧洋海運集團), announced today that Pescadores Ferry (百麗航運) will spend NT$380 (US$12.32 million) on two vessels built by Australian shipbuilder Austal.

Good thing they are using TWD. The USD version is much more expensive!



God I love Richard Aoyade…


“Sign for hotdog stand in New Taipei suspiciously features a dog”

That Poolitzer prize is approaching fast.

For the K-Man, next time you have a slow day check this food stand on facebook :

You’re welcome.


He succeeding in making people click the link. That’s all that counts. A non-story.


Basted with Corgi slobber, mmm…


Riveting tale about a post he saw on reddit with an astronomical 159 upvotes!!! Wow wow wow!

Remember in his interview when he said he only tackles real hard hitting stories with no fluff?


My guy, he’s my guy. :star_struck: