The K-man's finest hour(s)


I know, right?? We can always rely on him to deliver on the most controversial topics that other inferior journalists wouldn’t even DARE to approach!

I remember watching the first 10 seconds: it made me regret all the decisions in my life that lead me to opening that video and I closed it.


I did the same, then went back for another round of punishment to give it a chance. Skipped forward through most of it, but did stumble on the part where he was talking about the kinds of article he “writes”. I’ll have to see if I can find it again. It was something along the lines of not doing “Photo of the Day” type shit…which is obviously a bunch of hogwash.

Edit: @IbisWtf watch at around 59:07. He specifically says “beauty of the day” is not covered. Yes, it’s hard to get through. The interviewers aren’t exactly captivating and the whole production is very low budget/quality. I could only stomach a couple minutes of it.


Good job K-man. If you need a new lead on a story, there’s a chicken that crosses the road 5-6 times a day down the road from my house. I haven’t asked why yet but, I am brushing up on my Fowl language skills.


That made me feel curious so I decided to google him and these came up:

EDITED: removed other impressive images and decided to keep this one for his outstanding performance.



He’s technically a poster here so we aren’t really supposed to bombard the boards with his real life profile. :thinking:


OK, although he kinda outed himself. I can remove everything except for one image or video. Which one do you want me to keep?


Yeha we kind of agreed not to delve into the K Mans illustrious personal life.


Keep the one where he looks like one of the lost Romanovs.


Haha just call him Prince K


I like the punch noises :smiley:


Yes, this one’s a keeper.


For the record, I enjoyed the suspicious hot dog article.

I didn’t actually open it because it’s a one line joke: you look at the photo, read the headline -> you’re done, no need to read further.

But I prefer this kind of silly content over the clickbaity :“random foreigner does something that outrages a few people with nothing better to do in their lives”.


Did you guys notice the headline “Another foreigner banned from entry…” I was like uh, and apparently a second citizen from the PRC was denied entry due to being unable to oay a hefty fine on the spot after being caught smuggling…a sausage.

Kman definitely should stay away from China and HK.




K Man is bookmarking all this stuff.


That’s brilliant! Sorry, but I’m going to have to steal that and share it.


They got a FB page with better photos, I think



It just gets better.


If @Icon gets upset, just tell her it’s proactive revenge for when she has a stroke in 30 years and the cats eat most of her face off before the neighbors call the cops.