The K-man's finest hour(s)


Eh those are cats not hot dogs. And as long as they live, they can do anything to me, they are my children.

I was up at 4am with a sick kitty, now ploughing through the day on 4 cups of coffee. The stroke was like 4 hours ago…


back to teh Kman: great minds think alike. I was just translating this… they have already published it:

More doggie business. :rofl:


I’ve lost interest. It’s just a moron talking shit.


時代造英雄 :sunglasses:


Foreigner caught red-handed



Well, looks like no one working at the TN is ever going to be getting into China after this boisterous piece by Dave Spencer:


I’m not sure this guy should get into Canada after he refers to Trudeau as both President and Prime Minister in the article. It makes it look like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.


I stopped reading that after half a page. I have to say I much prefer K-man to this guy. (Not sarcastic at all) [And the comment about not being sarcastic, that is also not sarcastic]




“Fight attendant”? typo or Freudian? Or both?


That girl is so obviously not Sukisuki. EVA needs to compensate her mega money, basically enough to retire on.


Ah, I just googled that. Why doesn’t google images filter adult content?


The grilling they did amounts to corporate sexual harassment. It was not a case of face saving for the company, but rather some horny executives overstepping common sense and decency…because they can. This incident may see a few headlines but for the Labor Bureau it is not relevant, as in «you cannot prove it is not you in the video». In David vs. Goliath, they side with the big guys.

Telling her to be more careful means the EVA guys made their mind up…thinking with the lower brain. I wouldn’t be surprised if they asked to strip or describe sexual acts with her boyfriend.


Exactly. I was discussing this with a mixed group of adults who didn’t see the impropriety of their actions. They’d argued that the company has a reputation to uphold and the young lady should have to prove her innocence. Fockwits abound.


It’s not surprising. Airlines used to perform virginity tests on girls in Taiwan.


The first thought I had here is that this seems to be a missed business opportunity. After all, if EVA can fly (no doubt at great expense) Hello Kitty aircraft, why not capitalize on this situation by designing and marketing a Sukisuki aircraft? (And if you think this would attract “the wrong crowd,” it is clear you have not been aboard one of the Hello Kitty aircraft, which attracts its own breed of customers.)

The second thought I had is that Starlux Airlines is hiring. Perhaps the grass will be greener, with fewer jack@ss managers, over there.



Classic “must have” logic at work.


I don’t get why they have an issue. If you’re going to hire a all female staff that are attractive, how are you going to have an issue with them being in porn. Doesn’t seem consistent.


Oh my, that’s sexist.

Beautifully sexist.