The K-man's finest hour(s)

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I never ever ever never expected to see a headline like this. Only K-man and only in Taiwan.

“16-year-old girl dressed in T-Rex costume attacked by thug in S. Taiwan”


Obviously not a Marc Bolan fan…


Solid post CNY offering by our man:

“Huiyen staggered to a stop, tried to gather her composure, but needed to brace a follower for balance, before tossing her cookies.”


Funny though


Some more truly epic K-phrasing here

“started to spew like a geyser”

“like a whirling dervish”

“churned her stomach into a pulp”

It’s an honor to see such a writer at the peak of his powers.


I’ve learned what tossing one’s cookies means.


I wonder if dervishes ever spew during their whirling?


K-man says " the Bureau of Immigration sees probable cause to deport Zhang based on her social media posts on the incident, reported philstar."

The Philstar article does not say anything about social media. There’s no indication that article was edited, though it may not be their policy to do so. Unless the information was changed, K-man can’t even regurgitate news correctly.
Couple that with the fact that she was in police custody when photos were posted on FB and it feels like he’s just making stuff up.


Great writing makes it look so easy…


Sometimes great writing transcends greatness and becomes special.


How to really really fuck up a headline…


Too bad it’s not “NIA calls on remainder of Vietnamese to come forward.”



That’s a pretty shocking story.


wow, just, wow

Incredibly, Lin’s wife is still by his side, and when asked by the media for comment, she said, “What I want to say is he is a good father. He is a good doctor. That’s it. We’re only human, no one is perfect.”


The doctor and his wife are both real pieces of work.


We’re only human. Jesus Christ. What kind of defence is that?


You mean they are both POS.

She can accept a mistress living in their house and he marathon f*** her daily. Then she get jealous of another mistress. Untimaty she finds out he is raping a sedated foreigner in his clinic, but hey he is a good doctor and good father.

  1. She is used to him bringing money.
  2. I just wonder if the raped woman was a Taiwanese woman…
  3. What type of punishment is this doctor POS facing? Please don’t tell me just some fine because she was an immigrant worker who probably don’t have the means to pursue prosecution



He will get many years in prison for sure.